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Humphrey Steven Wm. by Win the See of Sketch Aces! Tickets to the Comedy Hilarious



  • Humphrey Steven Wm. by Win the See of Sketch Aces! Tickets to the Comedy Hilarious
  • Portland Mercury
  • 04.06.2019.
  • Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces! by Wm. Steven Humphrey • Feb 7, at pm. 4 days ago The Aces are Portland's favorite, funniest, and most adorable sketch comedy group, hands-down full-stop! Made up of local comedy greats. Wm. Steven Humphrey has been the editor-in-chief of the Portland Mercury since its birth in Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces!.

    Humphrey Steven Wm. by Win the See of Sketch Aces! Tickets to the Comedy Hilarious

    Inventor John Joseph Merlin belatedly discovers a few key design flaws while filming an advertisement for the first practical roller skates. Mike Peabody live from the Battle of Maldon. All the 'modern' monk needs to know. Opening the first public toilet in more ways than one.

    The strange story behind the establishment of Alfred Nobel 's Peace Prize. A naive young recruit tries to learn the ropes. WWI Wee-Wee, the multi-purpose liquid revolution. The "Historical Paramedics" try treating a fainting victim with a live sheep and heavy stones.

    James II of Scotland. The story of Lady Jane Grey , queen for nine days. The invention of the English mile. Bob Hale's French Revolution Report. Eccentric highwayman James Hind refuses to steal from Royalists.

    Charles II is less than impressed with his coronation gift. A peasant's transformation into a nobleman is so good it's literally illegal. A leech collector inadvertently ends up demonstrating the job to a skeptical pal. The case of Caligula and the mystery assassins. Making sure gladiator casualties were really dead. Cheating in the age of chivalry. Spartan Mr Brasidas is pleased to learn a student's been stealing.

    Who on Earth Are You? John Balliol is dissatisfied with his luxurious exile. A Roman physician prescribes gladiator's blood as a tonic. A new British arrival to the trenches struggles to locate a familiar accent amid the Commonwealth forces.

    Ladies' tights help Scots soldiers keep warm and safe in the trenches advertisement. Elizabeth I's Christmas present turns out to be a timekeeping revolution from the Christmas Special. Special footwear helped women keep dry in muddy streets--but looking where they were going helped even more animated.

    The latest peasant to have a makeover is unappreciative of his noble transformation. Bob Hale's Tutankhamun Report. The "Historical Paramedics" try treating an asthma victim with buttered spiders. Taking questions and comments--also severed heads--from the era's viewer mailbag.

    Odd superstitions surrounding dogs. Bob Hale's War of the Roses Report. The annual days of maize and beans have a rather anti-social side effect. A man tries to convince his skeptical hunter friend that settling down on a farm is the wave of the future. The controversial final moments of Admiral Nelson, and then the unusual preservation method used on his body.

    A tomb builder tries to convince a pharaoh that protecting his treasure is more important than a magnificent monument. George I 's English isn't any better than Robert Walpole 's German, which poses a serious problem re: Twisting the hindquarters off a dead cow at the Highland Games. Taking questions and comments on that new theatrical phenomenon, 'actresses'. A well-to-do warrior family swaps with their slave thralls. Bob Hale's American Report. Paul Revere 's All-American Toothpaste advertisement.

    A newly recovered Caligula demands that those who offered their lives to the gods in exchange for his must now pay up. William II meets his death in a mysterious hunting accident. Mike Peabody live from the storming of the Bastille. How to make wax figures using freshly guillotined heads.

    A lone man embarks on a not-entirely- desperate quest to find his stolen wife in "Kidnapped! Mr Bullen demands that a student start his schoolday at 4: Ethelred the Unready suffers cyberbullying at the hands of Viking raiders.

    A literate monk convinces marauding raiders to spare him so he can record their badassery for all time. The animal-loving 2nd Baron Rothschild makes his third appearance in as many series. A foreign traveller has difficulty grasping pre-decimal British coinage.

    A nobleman inadvertently runs afoul of Elizabeth I's peculiar clothing laws. Enjoy hours of family fun with Aztec Whodunnit-o parody of Cluedo. A general arrives to inspect the troops and discovers just how hard up both sides are for new recruits. Tabellarii messenger service, the classical equivalent of text messaging. A nervous smuggler runs into an unexpected obstacle in trying to run weapons past the gates of Rome. When dying of the plague was the ultimate social faux pas. Trying--and failing--to keep warm in the trenches in wintertime.

    Wartime improvisation is the order of the day on "Historical Masterchef" Smashing Saxons: Bob Hale's Anglo-Saxon Report. The tumultuous love story of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders is retold in "Mud and Matilda" romantic comedy movie trailer parody.

    A fashionable day out to view the patients in Bedlam. Mercury is the key ingredient in Solomon's Live not so very Long Water advertisement. The conquering barbarian hordes find deciding where exactly to begin sacking Rome isn't as simple as it seems. William Harvey is willing to go to any lengths to further his anatomical research.

    The not-quite-love story of Phillip and Mary is retold in the style of a graphic novel. Elizabeth I endorses Sugar-Paste Toothpaste advertisement. A hippie buccaneer finds having an extra hook comes in handy on "Historical Masterchef".

    The "Historical Paramedics" try treating a collapsed victim with bacon, potato and the sheer fabulousness of top hats. A distinctly 'grown-up drink' is among the innovative ideas pitched on "Stone Age Dragons' Den". On-the-spot coverage of a typical day at the Ancient Olympics with special guest star Tanni Grey-Thompson.

    Rupert of the Rhine wants a dog that does a very specific set of tricks. A peasant tries to leverage his rare and desirable plague-free status into a pay rise. The people of Strasbourg catch literal dance fever in Zeno of Elea requires subjects for some odd thought experiments. Crowning the winner at the Isthmian Games.

    An Irish king's attempt to ban all rhyme turns out to not be very well-thought-through. Comparisons between Stonehenge and the pyramids are eye-opening animated. Cliff Whiteley discusses the many theories re: Stonehenge with one of its builders.

    Another look at the unsettling phenomenon of females playing female roles onstage. Thomas Blood is brought before Charles II, who winds up being unexpectedly impressed--and entertained. Chronological compilation of the standout music videos from the third series, as chosen by the producers. An encore is omitted this year to make room for the slightly longer "Monarchs' Song". A clergyman makes an unusual patriotic request of his female parishoners.

    Oliver Cromwell requests that Peter Lely paint his portrait 'warts and all'. Lord Mayor Dick Whittington , pitching his life story to a panel of Hollywood producers, tries to avoid co-starring with a talking cat pastiche of Orange mobile reminder advertisements, starring special guests Mark Gatiss , Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton of the League of Gentlemen.

    The Spanish Armada movie trailer part 2. Egyptian Book of the Dead. The perils of for-profit fire brigades. The toilet queues in Queen Caroline of Ansbach 's court are less than dignified. Eager customers queue up for the opening of the Bronze Age parody of a modern technology product launch. German fighter pilots use tourist guides to find high-profile targets during the Baedeker Blitz. Victoria and Albert 's love story. Martin Luther 's obsession with his own effluent makes a visit to his office distinctly awkward.

    Protestants and Catholics alike are up for a rousing game of Hide and Priest advertisement. Bob Hale's Human Evolution Report. An attempt to foil German railway spies creates unexpected problems for the British passengers. Finding unique ways to cope with petrol rationing animated. An ambassador learns the hard way just how literally Charles II dines in public. Would-be Crusader Emicho of the Rhineland sets off to find the Holy Land with the help of some very unusual guides.

    The "Historical Dentist" is confused by his modern patient's false tooth. A famine victim trades his son for ingredients on "Historical Masterchef".

    A condemned Socrates patiently explains to his followers why rescuing him would be illogical. Elizabeth I takes her search for the perfect consort online. The postal service, up to twelve deliveries a day--like it or not.

    Prospective Icelandic emigrants make the most of the British real estate market--not to mention the current British tenants--in "New Home Abroad". King Canute tries to avoid a climactic scene by the seashore. Spartans have the battle phalanx down to an art--until the warrior on the end notices a problem. A True Story" tells the full story of the General's badly thought-through betrayal movie trailer.

    Mike Peabody live from the Norman siege of Palermo. The first settlers at Jamestown, Virginia nearly lose the battle with their own naivety in "Colonisation, Colonisation, Colonisation".

    The Fuhrer 's guards refuse to disturb his lie-in for anything--even the news of D-Day. Poor toilet planning on the U-Boat animated. Team Neanderthal and Team Homo Sapiens vie to demonstrate who's more advanced. A less-than-ethical ice cream salesman. The case of the dodgy slum diet. The first town planners must explain to skeptical would-be residents why a town is needed in the first place. Hannibal and his Carthaginian ruthless battle tactics star in the blockbusters "Snakes on a Ship" and its sequel, "Elephants on a Plain" both parodies of Snakes on a Plane.

    Bob Hale's Renaissance Report. Mona Lisa grows impatient with Leonardo da Vinci 's inability to finish anything, including her portrait. Kids can practice embalming their own dead body with Mummification parody of Operation. William Shakespeare is called out by a tavern drunk and ends up in a battle of insults. Elizabeth I's formidable temper. Lord Raglan explains his plan to ensure the Charge of the Light Brigade is a complete and unmitigated disaster.

    Christopher Columbus insists to a skeptical crewman that he's discovered India--also, mermaids. Leif Ericsson tries to explain that the film he's pitching about discovering America before Columbus isn't a fantasy. All your misdeeds can now be forgiven for the right price with Cash My Sin infomercial.

    Tsarevich Peter III brings a case against a very odd defendant. A legionary on payday is dismayed to discover that he's on the wrong end of the controversy surrounding the origins of the word ' salary '.

    A reluctant army conscript comes up with some truly creative--if not very original--excuses to avoid service. God Compare helps Gaulish warriors decide to which of their pantheon to sacrifice a prisoner parody of Go Compare advertisements. The first man to domesticate wild dogs tries to explain why. The Queen is exposed to some of the bugs--and birds--still to be worked out on a pre-opening tour of The Great Exhibition.

    Napoleon's famed strategic gifts are no match for the mechanical chess-playing Turk. Fashion doesn't equal practicality. The Praetorian guard is much better at saluting than they are protecting Emperors--and they aren't very good at saluting.

    MI5 is willing to recruit literally anyone to help the war effort, including a dead tramp. A Berlin housewife demonstrates some truly outlandish wartime substitutes on "Historical Masterchef".

    A snowball fight interrupts the Earl of Lancaster 's execution. A 'gorgeous scientist' extols the "Wonders of the Viking Universe".

    A Nordic warrior outlines his courting and marriage requirements. Nero provides typically disastrous disaster relief to the victims of the Great Fire of Rome. A Crusader prepares new recruits for the exotic monsters they might encounter in the Holy Land. Interpreting messages from the gods. Ancient Greek Tattoo Messenger. The "Historical Dentist" suggests some genuinely disgusting painkillers. Unexpected snags are also the order of the day for the French side in " Agincourt: The Movie" movie trailer Vile Victorians: Planning a robbery gets complicated when the new recruit doesn't understand the slang.

    A Faginesque crime boss and his small associate demonstrate common street cons. Balding but still style-conscious Julius Caesar invents the ' Romeover ' advertisement. Bob Hale's Roman Britain Report. The "Historical Dentist" offers some bizarre options for cleaning teeth. Changing wig fashions lead to spats among the fashionable aristocracy. Asclepeion doctor-priests--dedicated healers or daring frauds? Mike Peabody live from the last Saxon stronghold on the Isle of Ely.

    Enjoy hours of fun and conscience-free conquest with Normanopoly parody of Monopoly. Diogenes debates life in a barrel with a startled passer-by. Belief in various mythological monsters badly complicates a journey. A peasant doesn't see why his lack of hygiene should impede his love life.

    Keelhauling as exfoliating beauty treatment advertisement. Blackbeard shows off his ship. Edward VI 's whipping boy , Barnaby Fitzpatrick , faces the wrath of the royal tutors. A Crusader has his old crone prepare some disturbing dishes from the latest campaign on "Historical Masterchef". Elsewhere, another returning Crusader's wife is less than impressed by his latest homecoming gifts. The News in Tudor Criminal Slang with signer for hard of hearing.

    A spelling bee in the age of non-formalised spelling. King John 's concern for his social media status leads him to accidentally sign the Magna Carta. Jocelin had e-mailed him the document. The "Historical Dentist" diagnoses 'mouth-worms' as the cause of a patient's toothache. The results of New! Egyptian hair dye are best appreciated from a distance advertisement Vile Victorians: A suitor's efforts to warn his beloved's father of a fire are hampered by its very impolite location.

    House-hunting in the slums. It's always a one-way ticket for the coffins transported on the London Necropolis Railway. The "Historical Dentist" goes to extreme measures to get ingredients for a treatment.

    What happened if the criminals thrown from the Tarpeian Rock weren't killed by the fall. There's lots of meat on the menu on "Historical Masterchef". When a bank was literally a bank--of earth. Alfred the Great tries to avoid being typecast as "Cake Guy". Nikos Ancientgreekios, category "Greek Inventions". Alexander the Great takes the most direct route to solving the riddle of the Gordian knot Gorgeous Georgians: Bob Hale's Napoleon Report.

    Chronological compilation of standout music videos from the fourth series as chosen by the producers. One song is omitted in order to include longer inset skits, featuring puppet host Rattus Rattus babysitting his young nephew.

    Woden calls on select members of his pantheon to form A farmer shares his surefire--if ridiculously complex--secret for growing crops with his neighbour. Play as elderly Archimedes and outwit the brawny opposition in Ultimate City Defender.

    Alms-distributing Aesop ends up on the wrong end of the story of the pretentious fable-writer and the angry mob. Upper-class women share their most outrageous beauty secrets parody of The Only Way is Essex.

    The Beach Watch tries to remain modest and do their jobs at the same time. A vow of love means a knight must head into battle with a serious handicap. Richard the Lionheart can barely wait for his coronation to be over before heading off to the Crusades.

    Escorting an unpopular nobleman through the streets of London. Jonathan Wild , Thief-Taker General, hits upon a novel method of keeping himself employed parody of Sherlock. Highwayman Claude Duval unexpectedly charms his victims. The Allied cover story to hide their new radar tracking systems translates to an unusual new diet for German pilots.

    A bride must transform herself into not only her warrior groom's dream but his double in "Don't Tell the Spartan Bride". The officers of the RMS Titanic run through a highly dubious safety measures check. The traditional warrior method of settling a dispute: Time to get ready for the Religious Switchover parody of the Digital Switchover.

    Botched executions are caught on the candid cameras of "Thou Hast Been Framed! Mary Shelley tries for a Frankenstein reboot in which the monster is correctly named Brooding Lord Byron is forced to disillusion a breathless groupie in "Twit Light" parody of the Twilight movie series.

    The Persian army comes up with an inspired--and very cute--variant on a human shield at the Battle of Pelusium. I Love Cats magazine: Everything the ancient cat-lover needs to know. While on the run, Bonnie Prince Charlie gets some gender-bending assistance from a resourceful peasant woman. Lewis Carroll over their quixotic contributions to the English language.

    Great classical thinkers approach dinner with varying degrees of philosophy. Francis Walsingham 's postal service advert with bloopers. Vlad the Impaler takes landscaping to deliberately insane extremes parody of Grand Designs. Charles II's supposed ability to cure scrofula with a touch. German attempts to train canine spies get a bit over-optimistic. Is M a super-wus or what? Is A schizo or just sadistic? What a fine, exotic world full of bold creatures such as yourself that must be. I can nary imagine such a land.

    Well you live here now. So fucking adjust and STFU, or go back to the arctic hellhole you clearly miss so much. Man but leaking the mother fucking schedule of the potus is bad-bad, but excellent work getting it off the scanner. For the guy in front of me at New Seasons Friday evening, I hope you still drank all four gallons of milk. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren both kicked off their presidential campaigns this weekend.

    Do it for the Gram': The Grammys took some major steps toward undoing its history of honoring only white dudes last night. A ton of amazing women and artists of color took home the top awards. Childish Gambino, Kacey Musgraves, H. Oh, and Michelle Obama showed up after skipping her scheduled Portland visit…. Welp, those two weeks end on Friday—and talks on an agreeable immigration decision are at a standstill.

    Get it Together, Virginia: It's unclear what the future holds for Virginia's top three elected officials, now that each have been marked with an ugly offense. Justin Fairfax was threatened with impeachment Friday after two women accused him of sexual abuse.

    Both women say they're willing to testify at a public hearing. In an interview over the weekend where he described slaves as " indentured servants" , Gov. Ralph Northam said he has no intention to resign over his past racist actions.

    An investigation by two Texas newspapers has found that Southern Baptist leaders have ignored victims' pleas to make a registry for all members of the Southern Baptist church who've been charged with sexual abuse. The some victims have instead been systematically shunned by their communities.

    Watch Out, Patriot Prayer: Oregon liberals are arming themselves. Portland's City Club has released a report on Portland's archaic form of government, and is calling for a complete overhaul to the system. Will city officials listen? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Proceeds from this screening help restore damaged areas around the North Umpqua River corridor in Douglas County; following this screening at the Hollywood, similar ones will be held across the state at theaters in Astoria, Bend, Ashland, and more.

    Walla Walla Wine A funny-sounding city best known for its onions would like for Portland to know they're also pretty good at wine, too, with an event providing an opportunity to meet winemakers from the region and sample over 40 different wines.

    Admission includes unlimited samples and hors d'oeuvres. What does it mean to live in truth? Winter, Triptides, Jackson Boone L. Steve Gunn, Meg Baird If seeing two pillars of the psychedelic folk-rock underground perform on one stage sounds like your kind of thing, then the Aladdin Theater is your destination tonight.

    Meg Baird is a multifaceted musician who established herself as the spectral voice of beloved Philly band Espers, and who more recently could be found fronting West Coast psych supergroup Heron Oblivion and playing alongside adventurous harpist Mary Lattimore. Steve Gunn, on the other hand, is a guitar hero riding an incredible streak of excellent albums full of woozy and winsome Americana.

    His latest— The Unseen In Between —further illuminates his drive to conquer worlds far beyond the one built around fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Basically, every five minutes, eagle-eyed kung fu fans will be going "Oh shit, it's that guy!

    Sophia Shalmiyev, Leni Zumas In Mother Winter , Sophia Shalmiyev chronicles her journeys as an immigrant, an artist, and a woman who was forced to abandon her mother, flee the Soviet Union, and build a life of her own in the Pacific Northwest.

    Shalmiyev will be joined in conversation by Leni Zumas, authors of Red Clocks. With bragging rights in the Western Conference and the Curry household on the line, expect Portland to come out swinging tonight as they look to even things up with the defending champs. A Valentine's Day Affair: A Comedy Showcase If you've paid attention long enough, you know that the Portland comedy scene both giveth and taketh away.

    We've bid farewell to plenty of great comedians, but tonight's show is about saying hello to some wonderfully funny transplants. Hosted by James Bosquez. This Portland nu-soul duo work synths and beats into a sound that's sure to get your body rocking. Blackberry Smoke A night of Southern rock and country with this Atlanta-based band who have performed with the cast of Sons of Anarchy and are currently touring in support of their full-length, Find a Light.

    If so, today's the day to let the expert step in and do it for you, when the Oregon Symphony presents Valentine's Day with Smokey Robinson. Carla keeps screening Jennifer Tilly movies, which are often astoundingly entertaining—especially her entries in the bewilderingly long-running Chucky "franchise.

    Wild at Heart This is kinda the perfect movie to watch for Valentine's Day—your romantic life, or lack thereof, will look peaceful and not insane in comparison to the hurricane of crazy love that is Lula and Sailor. If the thrashing sex-frenzy of Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage is not enough to wet your whistle, check out this supporting cast: Now, that is hot stuff especially Harry Dean Stanton.

    If you've never seen this film, buckle up, lovas! You're in for a stark-raving trip to Oz. The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show returns for a fourth year, combining elements of cabaret and cooking shows to fill your Valentine's Day with singing, dancing, music, sock puppets, and last but not least, a decadent chocolate dessert prepared live on stage by CheffyPants and his his sexy kitchen crew.

    Do you like cats? Do you like drinking? What if you could talk about cats while drinking? Does that sound like fun? Does this sound like a thing you might want to do? Guster, Henry Jamison The long-running band out of Boston bring their pop-infused alt rock to the Wonder Ballroom for the Portland stop on a North American tour supporting their 8th studio album, Look Alive. Wrong and Sea Moss. And when they're all done, DJ Neighbor Nate will get on the decks and spin up a Valentine's Day Dance Party for everyone not ready to head home just yet.

    There's even more Valentine's Day stuff to do a ton of it—dinners, cruises, parties, etc. Village Voice insists that there's this whole category of "music" or "style" whatever, that dates from as far back as the early 80's, when MAYBE it would have made for one or two opinion pieces worth reading, Yes, I'm referring to their insistence that there's such as thing as "Pazz n Jop", Year after year after year they go on and on and on about this annoyingly named "thing" that they concocted, NO ONE ELSE ever refers to it, unless of course they have to because they want to reference something from one of the Voices' goofy pieces on contemporary music?

    Somehow, according to them, there's been this on going "genre" simply because they say so. You're in the "Village" aren't you? Actually it did happen for those outside of Portland, and we just got lucky. On the upside, you got all your grocery shopping done early , and now you're all ready for a possible snow blast that might arrive early Tuesday morning!

    That is if you believe in such things anymore. Here's what they're predicting for the Portland Metro area tonight, Monday, Feb Tonight —Rain before 1am, then rain and snow. The rain and snow could be heavy at times. South wind 11 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph.

    New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible. Tuesday —Rain and snow, becoming all rain after 1pm. South wind 10 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

    The majority of this snowy precipitation is expected in the hills above feet in elevation —which means downtown commuting might turn out to be fine. The National Weather Service certainly is. From their Winter Storm Watch alert: This scenario may result in widely varying accumulations ranging from no snow to several inches, even at the same elevation. So be alert, don't rush the grocery stores, and wax the rails on your sled Stand by for more updates!

    The city code already protects those who ascribe to different faiths from discrimination—religion is a protected class, like gender, race, and national origin, meaning that it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on those grounds. This ordinance would extend those protections to those who do not believe in a god, multiple gods, or religion. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, Portland was the most non-religious city in America in , with 42 percent of residents identifying as religiously unaffiliated.

    Just as different religious minorities can face discrimination when applying for a job, looking for a place to live, or attempting to patronize a business, religiously unaffiliated people can experience prejudice as well. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Americans continue to hold unfavorable views toward atheists, though that trend is improving.

    Fritz chose to introduce this ordinance after being approached by Kolbe last year. The ordinance is expected to go to a vote on Feb If it passes, Portland will join the city of Madison, Wisconsin, which became the first city in the nation to write protections for non-believers into city law in It remains to be seen if the same will hold true for Portland.

    Ann and Nancy Wilson decided to put Heart on hiatus in after Ann's husband was arrested for assaulting Nancy's twin sons during a concert in Auburn, Washington. The tour is named after "Love Alive," which is, coincidentally, my favorite Heart song. It's from their album Little Queen , and it's a slow-building epic with some flute and autoharp action that gives the melody a vaguely LOTR -ish vibe, guitar riffs that sound like they could soundtrack the hobbitses' triumphant descent of Mount Doom, and hyper-positive lyrics about keeping the Olympic torch of your soul blazing even when life gets bleak.

    It's a great song and, in my opinion, proves that Heart could always execute Led Zeppelin's Tolkien gimmickry and folksy jams better than Led Zeppelin fight me. According to a press release, the tour's set lists will focus on classic Heart songs along with some fan favorites.

    And it appears that the Wilson sisters have resolved their differences over the Auburn incident—in the same press release, Nancy is quoted saying, "I think the tour will spark some positive new energy. Valentines on a Boat! Celebrate Love, Portland Style! Taylor Tomlinson The Los Angeles-based comedian and co-host of the "Self-Helpless" podcast brings her easy-going wit and self-deprecating charm to the Helium stage for a full slate of shows, including a special Valentine's Day performance.

    Valentine's Dinner Cruise The Portland Spirit stretches Valentine's Day out to the following weekend, with music by The Bylines underscoring a romantic four-course meal at a private table before commencing in a champagne toast as the views slowly float by.

    Why cant it be three bands at the No Fun kicking the shit out of your ears all night? The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show returns for a fourth year, combining elements of cabaret and cooking shows to fill your Valentine's Day with singing, dancing, music, sock puppets, and last but not least, a decadent chocolate dessert prepared live on stage by CheffyPants and his sexy kitchen crew.

    An Emo Valentine's Day No Vacancy takes a look at all the hearts and chocolates and roses plastered all over this holiday and says "fuck all that" with this DJ night that screams its lungs out with throwback pop, punk, alternative, and emo classics. Wear black if you've got some you've got some. Enjoy three courses of craft cocktails created for the special occasion and an array of small bar snacks, and get to know how each drink was designed and crafted.

    Love Bites Valentine's is sometimes not romantic, or warm 'n' fuzzy, or any other mushy, lovey-dovey feeling you can conjure up in your head. Sometimes the holiday is more like a straight-up horror-show, and that's where Fear PDX comes in, staging a full weekend's worth of haunted house madness in honor of this Hallmark holiday. Pontypool CoHo presents their production of Tony Burgess' cult-favorite satire, about a small-town wanna-be shock jock who finds himself stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse—not that an apocalypse is gonna stop him from broadcasting or anything.

    You might be like "Wait, how the hell is this Valentines-y? Don't forget to check out our Valentine's Day Things To Do calendar for even more lovey-dovey things to do! But instead of electing commissioners from specific districts, Portland holds at-large elections—where the victors are those who collected the most citywide votes.

    Meanwhile, Portland continues to work really well for the people who look the same as the folks on city council. Most US cities scrapped the commission form of government in the s, when federal courts ruled that at-large voting led to systemic underrepresentation of racial minorities.

    Standard in the 'Rotten Romans' sketches. Bob Hale's Thing-O-Meters frequently get broken by the sheer magnitude of whatever they're measuring, whether it be the number of heads cut off in the French Revolution or the drama level of World War II. Reading the Enemy's Mail: A sketch has Sir Francis Walsingham advertising his new postal service where your mail will be picked up, sorted, read by a spy One "Historical Masterchef" sketch focuses on a Stuart era head cook Real Men Wear Pink: Vercingetorix - "a man so deadly, he can wear pigtails and still look hard.

    Inherent in the premise. As per Flowery Insults above, William Shakespeare wins a fight with a tavern patron by giving him an epic version of this.

    Unsurprisingly the show has done several sketches about the various unappetising things people have been reduced to eating over the centuries. For example, one Historical Masterchef had a First World War soldier eating the lice he plucked out of his clothing, which visibly squicked the hosts. As per history, a distinctly premature obituary is Alfred Nobel's inspiration for establishing his eponymous prizes as it revealed that otherwise he would be remembered solely as the 'Merchant of Death', ie the inventor of dynamite.

    Thing is, Henry's still being followed by the three "idiot knights" whose over-literal interpretation of "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest!? This becomes a new and immediate problem when, pressed for more details, Henry jokingly asks if no one will rid him of this troublesome interviewer Roaring Rampage of Revenge: As his song says, William Wallace's rebel career possibly began as this, depending on the veracity of stories of English forces harassing his family and killing his wife.

    Happens a few times early in Series 1, as when the cartoon Roman from the era introductions walks in on a Shouty Man advertisement to inform a disgusted audience that Romans used urine for mouthwash. Also George IV, in all but actual age. Lots of fun had with this one. In one sketch a Victorian man's trousers have caught fire.

    The funny part isn't only that his bottom is on fire, it's that any of the words another Victorian man is trying to use to inform him of this, even "trousers" and "legs", are considered too rude, so all the man who's on fire is doing is reprimanding the other man for his language.

    At the end, he finally realizes what's happening and yells "My trousers! A carryover from the books, and even less subtle. One sketch on Stone Age burial rituals fades out to Rattus and a single tiny pea on a plate: As you can see, from a PE teacher! He suggests becoming a school headmaster. Then there's this doozy from Elagabalus in the "Evil Emperors' Song": Crashed my racing chariot, but still awarded gold Hey, my Olympics, my rules, to argue would be bold!

    I am the mostest powerfulest, evilest of all As long as Dad's alive, there's not a single chance I'll fall! Now, the next thing we need to do is get you out of those filthy clothes! Gilligan Cut to peasant in full lordly costume, complete with brocaded satin, rhinestones and high heels. Your pathetic war will finish even before it's begun! But if we wake ze Fuhrer, he will

    Portland Mercury

    4 days ago Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces! Portland, OR omosironews.info - Wm. Steven Humphrey · The Aces are. The members of sketch comedy troupe Sedan have to spend the night in a haunted house and make it out ALIVE. Will they NO THEY WON'T. And it's hilarious. Wm. Steven Humphrey (The Portland Mercury, The Lost Boys-Live!) Shelley McLendon (The Siren Theater, The Aces) View larger map. of Comedy!$15 ADV, $18 AT THE DOOR, 21+ ONLY Portland comedy is BLOWING. Hosted by the Mercury's Wm. Steven Humphrey.




    4 days ago Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces! Portland, OR omosironews.info - Wm. Steven Humphrey · The Aces are.


    The members of sketch comedy troupe Sedan have to spend the night in a haunted house and make it out ALIVE. Will they NO THEY WON'T. And it's hilarious. Wm. Steven Humphrey (The Portland Mercury, The Lost Boys-Live!) Shelley McLendon (The Siren Theater, The Aces) View larger map.


    of Comedy!$15 ADV, $18 AT THE DOOR, 21+ ONLY Portland comedy is BLOWING. Hosted by the Mercury's Wm. Steven Humphrey.


    by Wm. Steven Humphrey Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun . Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces! by Wm.


    CEO Steven Healy promised skeptical students that a report would be finished and . It's the middle of winter so please put some laughter on your faces with the latest from legendary sketch comedy duo the Aces. .. by Wm. Steven Humphrey . 02/07/ Win Tickets to See the Hilarious Sketch Comedy of the Aces!.

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