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    does every wwe superstar take steroids There are many kids out there who does every wwe superstar take steroids of becoming a professional buy steroids website reviews, and although it is nice for kids to have such a dream, the reality is that most of them will never be able to fulfill that dream. The reason for this is quite simple, because in order to become a professional athlete, a person's body needs to be strong enough to keep up with all the rigorous training and travel associated with being an athlete. In the world does every wwe superstar take steroids professional sports, athletes usually get paid more depending on how well they perform, which is why athletes work very hard to stay strong and in shape, but there are also some athletes who cheat the entire system by taking some kind of performance enhancing drug. Professional wrestling has been around for decades, and for best anavar prohormone reason, there are still people who mock the entire industry because of how "fake" it is, but in reality, each and every wrestler is a legitimate athlete. Like all other athletes, wrestlers need to be in good shape, and when it comes to the men, it usually means that they need to be fairly big and muscular. Over the past 40 years, there have been quite a few wrestlers who have used drugs, like steroids specifically, to make themselves bigger.

    Huge Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids | TheSportster

    does every wwe superstar take steroids

    They need to have proper physiques and look good for the audience to buy into them, with a proper muscular figure being a necessity for a superstar to become a big star in the company, knowing how much Vince McMahon loves the huge, muscular superstars in the WWE.

    Because a lot of these WWE wrestlers look really bulked-up, it leads to the question among many whether they are taking steroids or enhancement drugs which can help them look like such brawny athletes. In fact, only a few huge WWE stars were found guilty of taking steroids to buff up their physique, and the others just trained hard to make themselves look so good. And 7 Who Clearly Did. Big E definitely has a stellar physique, with his muscular figure making him stand out from his friends in the New Day.

    Big E was a former football player and professional power-lifter prior to his WWE career, as he's been working hard for a long time to become this muscular superstar.

    His amazing work in the WWE so far has been rewarding him with many titles, as the big man could go on to become a main-eventer in the future if he keeps up his good work.

    He quickly won the Intercontinental Championship and could've even become the first African-American WWE Champion, until an injury forced him to relinquish his title and put an end to his push.

    He may have looked like a brawny individual, but that was mostly because of his steroid abuse in the 90s, which proves how obsessed Johnson was at making an impact in the WWE, as karma would later come back to bite him for trying to take an easy path to success. JBL has been quite the controversial character in the WWE over the past few years, with allegations of bullying proving how much of an awful person he was in the WWE locker room.

    JBL might've been a bully backstage, but he always turned up for WWE in the squared circle, as he was this powerful, intimidating wrestler who nobody wanted to mess around with. While JBL may have been a rather brawny wrestler, he never took steroids in his life and built himself to be this towering individual in the company. He worked really hard to maintain his powerful figure over the years and never even thought of taking steroids, proving that he may not be a good man in real life, but he never contemplated abusing steroids to increase his chances of fame in WWE.

    But he would suddenly pass away in when he was still looking pretty good and was a part of WCW. It was discovered that the result of his death was a heart failure, but many stated that steroid abuse could've played a factor in it. Earlier on, Rude had himself admitted to have abused steroids to make himself look good and while that worked wonders for him in wrestling, the abuse ultimately cost him his life at the tender age of He's the Irish bully who loves to deal pain to his opposition in the company and has attained a really muscular figure over the years, which makes him stand out as a top star.

    While the Irishman has had this brawny figure for many years now, he has never abused any kind of steroids which can help him pump up his body even more. The British Bulldog had it all in the ring and looked insanely good as well, having the physique which was better than most of the wrestlers back in the day. But Smith had a very bad addiction to steroids and took them throughout his career to make sure that he retained a muscular figure in the WWE.

    His past of using anabolic steroids played a part in his shocking death in when he suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away, giving another example of how steroid usage was notorious in the 80s and 90s wrestling scene. The Big Show has always been known by the fans as the monster in WWE and has been used in many ways by the company over the years.

    Despite his size and strength, many wondered if Show had abused some steroids to help to bulk himself up, but that is not true at all. The Big Show is actually a very hard-worker in real life and puts in a ton of work in the gym to maintain his "gigantic" size and strength.

    He has been this Giant for decades now, but has never contemplated on taking steroids to power up his body as everything about this gigantic athlete is natural. He had this energy to him which made the fans cheer for him and showed incredible tenacity, lifting up the brawny superstars and often defeating them with ease. He looked stunning with a ripped figure, but that wasn't natural at all as he took performance-enhancing steroids during his time in WWE.

    It may have worked to make him a big star in WWE, but it's pretty appalling to realize that even a legend like The Warrior took steroids to become famous.

    The "Monster Among Men" has been on quite the roll in this year, proving that he doesn't only look like a monster but can be terrifying in the ring as well.

    He's probably the most athletic giant in WWE's history, but he has never taken any ulterior methods to attaining success. Strowman has never taken steroids in his career and was actually a powerlifter prior to joining up with WWE.

    He's an unreal worker who trained himself to look like the monster he is right now, as he deserves all the success which is coming towards his way in the WWE where he's going to remain as the "monster" for many years to come. Lex Luger was gathered by the WWE in the 90s to become their replacement for Hulk Hogan because of how similar he looked to the Hulkster in terms of a muscular figure. Luger had quite the fantastic build, looking really muscular and the perfect "top guy" for the WWE at the time.

    While he didn't really become the "Face of WWE", Luger did enjoy a lot of success mostly because of his figure. But even his "perfect" figure wasn't natural at all, as Luger himself admitted to having taken steroids in his career. Kevin Nash was quite the towering wrestler in the WWE during the 90s when he started off as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels, but later become a dominating singles competitor in the company.

    Nash would dominate the wrestlers as "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel who was this powerful, intimidating wrestler who thwarted anyone in his path. Nash was also pretty muscular and well built, which made many question whether he took steroids back then. Chris Benoit was quite the phenomenal wrestler in the WWE, with the Rabid Wolverine proving his excellence throughout his time in the company. Benoit was an impeccable technical wrestler who had every move in his arsenal to outwit the opponent, but apparently, he wanted even more, to excel as a superstar in the WWE.

    At the end of the day, Benoit will now be remembered for the terrible crime he committed by murdering his wife and child before taking his own life a decade ago. But it was discovered that abuse of steroids may have played a part in his death, as he was seen to have used steroids to try and make himself look more threatening. Benoit's terrifying case proves how badly steroids can have a negative effect on a wrestler, as it can harm one not only physically, but mentally as well.

    While Batista was suspected by many to have taken steroids in his career and was even accused of such in the late s, but he denied those rumors and was never suspected by people in wrestling for having taken steroids. Batista has always worked hard to keep him in a prime shape, but he has never taken any steroids to help him look better than the others, as his work ethic has made him the mainstream superstar he is today.

    Hulk Hogan was the man who put WWE on the map in mainstream media, as the Hulkster was the perfect babyface who got people more interested in watching the product. He was on top of the WWE in the 80s and was beloved by the fans, but his stance started to change in the 90s when he left WWE. It was after that when Hogan was one of the wrestlers who testified in the McMahon trials to have taken steroids for his weight and size growth since That was definitely something which shocked the whole wrestling world and his fans, who could've never imagined their hero to have taken such a cheap way to becoming a superstar.

    This proves how even the biggest of stars used to take steroids back then, as Hulk disgraced himself to many fans with his shocking revelation back then. John Cena has been the go-to man for the WWE over the past decade or so, as the "Face that Runs the Place" may have lost that reputation these days, but he's still going pretty strong in the company that made him. Cena was doubted by many in his career, with some even questioning whether he took steroids to keep himself in shape.

    But Cena is too much of a hard-worker to even contemplate on taking steroids to his advantage, as he works tirelessly in the gym to make sure that he never loses his muscular figure.

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    does every wwe superstar take steroids

    Huge WWE Stars Who Clearly Look Steroids | TheSportster

    does every wwe superstar take steroids

    Top 20 Biggest Steroid Users in WWE History | TheRichest

    does every wwe superstar take steroids