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    tbol starting dose Turinabol possesses a very low androgenic strength rating of 6 alongside an anabolic strength rating of 53, making it very favorable in the department of side effects to gains ratio. Very little in the way of androgenic side effects should be seen at the Turinabol doses necessary tbol starting dose build mass and strength, and even higher. Unfortunately, however, Turinabol is a weaker anabolic steroid than its parent hormone Dianabol. Turinabolfor all intents and purposes, possesses roughly half the anabolic strength of Tbol starting dose. However, as bad steroids in massachusetts mentioned, the advantage is the near absence of androgenic side effects and complete absence of estrogenic side effects — but the trade-off is the fact that the Turinabol doses required to elicit a considerable effect must be considerably large. For the purposes of bulking, strength gaining, and mass addition, Turinabol is not well suited. For those who wish to utilize it for such a purpose, Turinabol doses would need to be much tbol starting dose.

    Turinabol doses, cycle, stacks

    tbol starting dose

    There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of T-bol experience on dosage. Hey guys I am going to be starting a cycle in a few weeks just looking on some advice on how to kickstart the t-bol. I have read anywhere from mg ED all the way up to mg ED. Well this is a huge range do any of you guys have first hand experience on this compound?

    This will be my first run. I know I probaly should just stick to the test-e for now but I already know me I need to see something for those first 4 weeks. Weeks Nolva and Clomid combo.

    I will also run aromasin throughout the cycle if needed. I will add it in during post cycle therapy pct for sure though I just don't want to completely waste the first few weeks taking it to low. On the flipside I don't want to start off to high when there is just no need for it. Been training off and on for about 14 years but I have been very serious for the last 3 years while hardly missing a workout. Current bodyweight and pretty lean.

    I hope this is enough info to go on. If you need more just ask. Last edited by ronnie; at Tell us why you are suppose to run test first and then maybe we will give you the proper dosage. Gear police holding info for randsome! That's blackmail Send me your gear, and I will then give you the proper dosage. Originally Posted by tednatas. Yes I know I am suppose to eat. Trust me sometimes I wanna puke because I eat so much. I currently am keeping my cardio pretty high though.

    I am going to lower it some while on cycle. While on cycle I plan on eating roughly calories a day. I am going to start at and go up from there. I plan on keeping my protein intake around grams daily and my fats low and my carbs at around or so.

    I always keep my fats relatively low I eat a SHIT ton of fish, boneless skinless chicken, turkey, eggs. Anyway I plan on evaluating my diet weekly based on my gains or losses. I surely don't consider myself a rookie when it comes to proper eating, not saying I am superstar of knowledge or anything but I know enough to do it properly. Thanks for looking out though. I assume your asking why I should run test only first?? Well obviously test should be the building block of all future cycles.

    So you need to know how you react to it. You need to know if you are gyno prone, how much water you are going to retain, how much will it raise your blood pressure, you need to learn how to combat the problems from there and how to take steps to eliminate them in the future.

    Another reason you should not stack the first time is that you are not going to know how you react to certain compunds which one is producing the best gains and which one is causing the sides. These are a few good reasons and I respect them. I appreciate you trying to look out Cobra. Don't worry I have done my research on this, the only thing I was even a little questionalbe on was the T-bol cause I could never seem to find a general concensus on it.

    I know everyone is different but usually there is a general starting point to almost every compound. I think tbol is very weak stuff bro IMO I would run the tbol at 60 to 70mg a day for 6 weeks but you can do it for 4. I never really liked titrating steroids So starting out at 20 I think would be a complete waste especially with tbol Well I don't want to bulk to much, I am looking to gain about lbs and keep it fairly lean.

    After post cycle therapy pct I am hoping to keep lbs of it. Moderate compared to some I know. I think your probaly right about the T-Bol, I knew it was considered "weaker" but I do like the fact I won't get the bloat so much, if any. I have read similar doses like you suggest " " range fairly often. I only questioned it because of my source a well known one here!! Thanks for your input Cobra I appreciate it, I hear you on the titrating part I just didn't want to start off to high, I think I will start at 40 then.

    If anyone else wants to chime in I am open ears. Start at a very minimum of 40mg but 60 to 80 would be much better. But I would just stick with the test. You won't see a whole lot of gains before the test start working anyway. I ve never done it.

    I like a lil water retention. Trial and error bro.. Looks like 40 will be my starting point at least for week If I don't see the results I want I will bump it to Thats as high as I am going because I need it to last 4 weeks so my test can kick in.

    Anyone thats wanna chime in on their personal experience or anything Originally Posted by ronnie Weeks Nolva I was thinking of starting off at 20mg ED for the first week then bumping it up 10mg a week from there if I needed to. Thanks for your input freak. I will take what you say into account. I am still going to do every 4 days. This suggestion was taken from some pretty serious vets and it makes perfect sense. I am only adding one day to the first part.

    So basically your suggestion is 2 shots every 7 days I am going with 2 every 8 days. The average half life of test-e is anywhere from days.

    The active life is up to 14 days, people sometimes confuse the two. Your suggestion would be 10 weeks at mg a week. I am not saying this is a bad way The way I am doing it will be roughly mg a week. Do the math and you will see. It all adds up. You can't just look at it as a Sunday to Saturday schedule. I will have to keep better track this way but that won't be a problem. You are probaly right about the low dosage of T-bol.

    It seems to be what everyone is saying. I was just questioning it because this is GP Turan and it is suggested to take mg which as I can see from a few others that this doesn't really seem to be the appropriate dosage. Pick a dose and stay with it.. Inject e 4 days is fine.. The blood stabilty level s everyone harp s on.. You d need an 8 day week to address this overblown phenomenom. Originally Posted by workoutfreak First off, do not take Test every four days.

    Take them on set says during the week. If you are taking mg per week, take a mg shot Monday and Thursday. If you do a shot every four days, there will be certain weeks where you are only getting half of your dosage because only one shot will land on that week.

    Turinabol Dosage

    tbol starting dose

    Starting omosironews.info advice!

    tbol starting dose

    What Is the Recommended Turinabol Dosage? ~ Anabolicco

    tbol starting dose