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    Low Testosterone: A Practical Guide for Men

    low testosterone chinese medicine The hormone testosterone is produced by both men and women, men in the testes and women in the ovaries, testosterona esteroides efectos secundarios some from the adrenals. Low testosterone chinese medicine speaking testosterone facilitates muscle development and maintenance of bone strengthlibido, and fertility sperm production. What are the symptoms of having Low testosterone? What may cause Low Testosterone? Factors from a Chinese Medicine Perspective?

    TCM Treatment for Low Testosterone

    low testosterone chinese medicine

    Testosterone is the hormone our bodies produce that is responsible for our sex drive and our muscle mass. Its presence is greater in men than women and often results in aggressive behavior when the testosterone level is too high. As bad as having high testosterone can be, low testosterone is even more dangerous.

    According to studies done by the Endocrine society, low testosterone levels can be linked to anorexia in women, shorter life span in men, and a greater risk of heart disease and sexual dysfunction in both.

    There are various forms of treatment for testosterone deficiency including injections, medication and herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are often judged by their ability to increase sexual potency in males. Yohimbine is an extract from the yohimbe tree.

    It has long been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac and for other medicinal purposes. Today, it appears in several popular supplements designed to help with impotence. When taken, yohimbine can take up to 30 minutes to take effect and can last from two to three hours. For centuries the Chinese have extolled the virtues of ginseng. It has long been considered to be helpful in increasing vitality, stamina and longevity in both men and women.

    It is still highly recommended in China by doctors to their patients over He sho wu, also known as ho shou wu and fo-ti in North America, is another herb that comes from China said to be excellent for increasing testosterone levels. He sho wu is one of the most commonly used herbs in China. It is believed that it can increase vitality, energy, longevity and fertility. Horny goat weed epimedium grandiflorum extract supposedly has the potency to match its name.

    This herb has long been looked at as a source of increased testosterone production and thyroid health, which can lead to improved sex drive. This herb can be sprinkled on food and is often thought of as a viable replacement for expensive and risky testosterone therapy. Video of the Day. Foods to Eat to Treat Low Testosterone. What Is the Normal Testosterone Range? How to Control Testosterone Naturally.

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    Low Testosterone

    low testosterone chinese medicine

    How to keep a Healthy Testosterone Balance | The YinOva Center

    low testosterone chinese medicine

    4 Things to Do and 3 Things to Stop to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone | Breaking Muscle

    low testosterone chinese medicine