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    Low dose DBol cycle: 10-15mg

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    Dianabol low dose - omosironews.info

    dbol low dose

    Choose your platform below: Low Dose of Dbol: The Use of Dianabol as a Supplement. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Jump to page: The Use of Dianabol as a Supplement Let your mind be open. I mean, this one isn't too hardcore anyway. I've seen 15mg of Dbol yearround as an effective oral cruise - without being a sledgehammer on the lipid profile.

    However, in the course of research, I have come to the conclusion that current use of dianabol as a supplement is not as efficient as it could be. Most of the modern thoughts on dianabol use reflect around myths and irrelevant scientific studies; this article attempts to explain new ways of thinking on dianabol usage using scientific evidence and people's experiences.

    Dianabol or dbol as it's commonly called is one of the most commonly used oral steroids. Its chemical name is methanedienone or methandrostenolone and there are many different pharmaceutical and generic varieties including Anabol and Naposim. In this article we look at lower dose usage of dianabol as a supplement, as opposed to using pro-hormones or pro-steroids. Liver Toxicity of Dianabol The 17 alpha-alkylated properties of methanedienone do make it liver toxic, but this, I believe, is overstated as most of the evidence of its toxicity comes from studies on individuals and not from studies on large groups of dianabol-using bodybuilders.

    One study on rats 1 showed that regardless of dose or time of administration, dianabol produces changes in enzymatic activity, which leads to hypertrophy of hepatocytes; which basically shows that dianabol is toxic to the liver.

    But in another study 2 Nerobol Russian Dianabol was found to favour a rapid normalisation of functional and metabolic disorders of the liver, which contradicts the earlier evidence. This shows that the whole idea of dianabol being dangerous is in no way as bad as some would make out. Benefits of Dianabol Use Dianabol has been shown to increase anaerobic glycolysis 3 , which increases lactic acid build up in the body.

    This is beneficial because lactic acid is used by the muscles to form glycogen, which in turn provides energy in anaerobic metabolism. Lactic acid is also a key chemical in the disposal of dietary carbohydrates, which means you are less likely to get fat while using dianabol.

    A study on osteoporosis 4 showed that at a dosage of just 2. Another study on osteoporosis 5 which lasted 24 months, showed just how dianabol works on osteoporosis; dianabol increased total body calcium, and also total body potassium. This may not mean much to you as a bodybuilder, but the actions of calcium are very important to bodybuilders, as it transports large numbers of amino acids and also creatine and these two things are vital in muscle growth.

    Potassium is also very important, as it assists in muscle contractions, transmitting nerve signals, and insulin release; so it is also a very anabolic substance. One very interesting study 6 , although not significant in bodybuilding terms, showed that dianabol increases the sensitivity of laryngeal tumour cells to radiotherapy, and concluded 'recommending this hormone to be used during radiotherapy of patients with the laryngeal cancer'.

    How to Cycle Dianabol To create a cycle for dianabol that is based around using it more as a supplement than a steroid, we first need to look at the current trend for cycling dianabol and analyse what is wrong with it.

    An average cycle of Dianabol is usually structured as mg split throughout each day for weeks, either alone or stacked with other steroids. Firstly a dose of 25mg or more commonly causes water retention.

    It is well known that dianabol does aromatise quite easily, and most of the water retention is usually attributed to a build up of excess estrogen. This coupled with the fact that dianabol cause estrogenic side effects, leads to a lot of water build-up, and as there is little we can do about the change in the bodies mineral balance, the only other thing we can do is try to reduce aromatisation, usually with Nolvadex tamoxifen or other anti-estrogens. This is not the only method though, by reducing the dose, less of the drug will aromatise, which leads to less estrogen and more importantly less water retention.

    Reducing the drug during a cycle would lead to estrogen levels dropping slowly, so we should start the cycle with a lower dose of mg each day. Splitting the dosage when you are using a low dose is virtually pointless, as you will get a much smaller peak of the drug. So in this case it is best to take it in a single dose in the morning preferably with grapefruit juice.

    Although this will not prevent suppression of natural testosterone, it may lessen it to a certain degree, as your body will still have lengthy periods later in the day when there is little testosterone circulating, and so it may still produce some. Now if we look at cycle duration, weeks seems too short to have any real effect at a low dose, but how can we use dianabol for longer without placing more risk on our liver? The solution is actually quite simple; by taking weekends off from the drug we will give our livers a break from processing the drug.

    Due to the short half-life any active substances will be out of our system within 24 hours of your last dose, now this may seem like it will cost you gains, but in actual fact it will cost you little or no losses in the long run as even though there is no active drug in the body the effects are still present i.

    These effects usually taper off over several days. This method will not however, help your natural testosterone to return from its inhibited state, as this process can take considerably longer. If we take weekends off and use a lower dose, we should in theory be able to use dianabol for 10 weeks with no problems. A simple bit of mathematics can show this point best: Summary This Cycle Theory can be applied in many different situations, for instance a beginner could use the dianabol on it's own for 10 weeks and gain very well.

    A more experienced steroid user could use this alongside an injectable cycle for very good gains too, getting the benefit of the initial quick gains of the Dianabol, with the slower but stronger gains of an injectable.

    This cycle may seem to go against many of the current trends of dianabol use, but I believe that by using dianabol as a supplement to good training and nutrition you can make very good gains. Serakovskii S, Mats'koviak Iu. Radiomodifying effect of methandrostenolone on laryngeal cancer cells. I also wish the author would have tackled the test suppression issue a bit as well I know what to do, but many people reading it might not.

    Read this link and be honest: Originally Posted by ManBeast. I am taking fosamax right now for osteo, so next time I go in and get a BDT I will see how it is going, and if things arent up to par, I might shoot my Dr. Interesting, made me think of using it as kickstart then going with cruise dose the duration of the cycle as suggested.

    Originally Posted by Popa Murph. I'm not planning on duing this but what do you recomend to help with test supression? If so what would be the difference between kickstarting a 12 week cycle of test and dbol at say 30mg dbol weeks , taking a 4 week break from the dbol, then ending the cycle with 4 weeks on of 30mg dbol? While I'm still learning about this 15mg of dbol doesn't seem like it would kickstart the cycle nearly as well.

    Im thinking of trying it. Originally Posted by pistonpump. Going on a low dose will still give you some of the pluses of dbol but less hard on your system. By taking couple days off between weeks will also help your liver recover a bit. The liver is a resilient organ. People - please take CED's advice at your own peril. He believes USC is good enough for a national title Haha he's drinking the USC kool-aid. However he's one of the smart people who, like me, believe LSU is a top 5 team.

    Originally Posted by dagecko. So what would you recommend be stacked with dbol? This thread kind of reminds me of another thread I read I think it was on Superdrol Maybe 10mg or so Originally Posted by gators Originally Posted by CEDeoudes This depends on your goals. Dbol is a test derivative and Sdrol is not. With that said, both should be accompanied with a test base.

    However, you could run Dbol without a test base and still feel normal. Gains on superdrol tend to stop after after 25days 20mgmg so running it further wouldn't really be beneficial.. Yeah superdrol is a DHT derivative thats why i believe the ratio that someone posted once showing that it is actually more andro then anabolic.

    People just dont beleive it because they grow so much on it, which is probably from glycogen stores more than anything. Of topic but yeah. This makes me think of doing a 4week jumpstart at 40mg ED then taking 2 weeks off and running 10mg for 10weeks while on a test cycle. Sounds like a good idea where did you find this ??? Pill splitters are great friends. I like CEDeoudes59's cycle idea a lot. I would personally pair test of some kind with dbol. I feel that while 40 will give quicker gains, 15 will give gains that are easier on your system.

    I'd rather have slower gains that don't bloat me up like a waterballon, but that's just me ManBeast. The more I learn about these substances, the more I learn about their potential to help people in many ways, instead of just making one into a greek god.

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    Low Dose of Dbol: The Use of Dianabol as a Supplement - omosironews.info

    dbol low dose

    Low dose DBol cycle: mg | omosironews.info

    dbol low dose

    Thoughts on low dose dbol - Professional Muscle

    dbol low dose