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  • Epidural Steroid Injections

    15 Frequently Asked Questions About Epidural Steroid Injections

    pain relief after epidural steroid injection An epidural steroid injection is an injection of an anti-inflammatory steroid e. The epidural steroid injection is not an injection into the spinal cord steroiv. An epidural steroid injection nolvadex moobs not the same injection as a labor epidural, which is commonly given to women in labor. The steroid injected can reduce inflammation of nerves in the epidural space and thus reduce pain and other symptoms. The actual injection takes only a pain relief after epidural steroid injection minutes.

    Epidural Steroid Injection * Non-Surgical Treatment * Chronic Neck & Back Pain * Dallas Texas

    pain relief after epidural steroid injection

    I am new to this community. A little background - I am 48 and suffer from extreme lower back pain. I have seen my pain specialist again where he ordered an MRI to ensure there was no infection - there was none.

    I don't know what to do I just got done posting something and noticed your post. I actually did have an epidural injection in the lumbar region the doctor did not tell me where. I had to ask him what medication he was injecting and it was Kenalog. I had 3 kids with no epidurals and totally natural because I feared people touching or messing with my spine. The pain made me succumb to accepting the epidural for any type of relief.

    Then it finally wore off and the pain that the epidural was supposed to fix, returned for more torture. It didn't help me. Now, some people it may help. I'm just a nurse and not a doctor, but what you are telling us about having a massive headache after the injection makes me wonder. There are two types of spinal injections With those type of injections, they can cause horrible headaches itself.

    I used to assist anethesiologist with epidural injections for labor patients and I remember him telling me that he feels for "pops" I would question meningitis but that sounds like it has been ruled out. I'd definately let my doctor know. The wicked headache after your procedure could be a spinal headache which means your injection did not go into the appropriate space.

    My sister had the headaches after a diagnostic spinal tap. She ended up having to return to doc due to needing a spinal patch because her spinal fluid was leaking.

    The membrane is supposed to self seal but her's did not. She did not get any relief from the headaches until she had the second procedure. I have had more lumbar epidurals than I can count.

    I too would have increased pain after. I was told that the extra fluid that was injected caused the increased pain and pressure because the area was already inflamed. I would end up on the couch for a few days after each injection but still did not receive any relief. I gave up on the injections because of not receiving any relief and the crazy costs.

    From L1-L5 I have either bulging or ruptured or pieces breaking off. I get injections in my lumbar region with steroids and I go home and lay flat for awhile and then can go about my business. My injections last for roughly 3 months, then I have to return for more injections. I do not get headaches like you all, I do not suffer like you all.

    I wear 25mg Duragesic Patches and change them every 3 days, all this works for me. My doctor has a front store turned into a small sterile room with asst. Really, I cannot believe it either but it is the truth. If the pain comes back before the 3 months I go back and without any problems they take me in and fix it.

    I love them all. I really feel sorry for all of you who are not getting the attention and caring of these people. I don't know what else to say. I really feel go.. I do feel your pain. My doctor is in twice a week and takes as many as he can.

    I had a transforaminal epidural injection about 8 months ago. I have not experienced any pain for what the treatment was for. The doctor I have is great and the injection has worked fine.

    Unfortunately I also have some problems on the SI joint and pain around my lower back and hip. At one time I thought I was going to need a hip replacement. They did facet injections. I got about 6 months with those. On the second set of injections the duration was not as great. As a matter of fact pain is still there we are going to try a different approach this time. I am going to try a Lumbar Radiofrequency Nerurotomy. I wonder if anyone else has had this procedure? I am a bit apprehensive about it since it involves cauterizing the facet nerve endings.

    We'll see how it goes. So sorry to hear about your result. I've had about 6 of the epidural floroscopies and all of them gave me alot of relief. That was - however - until the one I had about 2 weeks ago.

    I've never had a bad reaction before, but this time I was sooo incredibly sore, stiff, and in so much pain I could barely walk. I didn't have the headaches, but my back pain actually ended up worse than it was before I had this one done.

    It's so strange that all the other ones I've had over the years have really done well for me, but this time was awful! I suppose not only do the results vary from patient to patient, but can even vary from epi to epi with the same patient. However, I thought I had read somewhere that if you get the really bad headache, that they might have punctured the dura layer or something.

    I did find this link for you, which has risks and complications of epi's so maybe you can find something there that might help. My doc suggested repeating the injection. But, the neurosurgeon wants an MRI first. So that's my short term plan. Just try to manage the pain as best as I can pain meds, muscle relaxers, and neurontin , as well as ice and heat. An MRI might be warranted, because you may have had some complication from your epi procedure or perhaps your back has just reached the tipping point, ya know?

    I have had numerous lower back shots and while not as severe a headache reaction as you I did have increased pain on one instance and had my doctor give me oral steroids to reduce the inflammation and pain. It worked like a charm. So to the gentleman who is concerned don't be! I had no problem what so ever afterwards.

    Much better than the shots. I do have issues with my sacrum going out and that is still painful and I don't know if they can do the same with that or not. If they can I will feel half my age. I don't understand it totally but luckily I do have a massage therapist who can put it back "in" and I wear a tens unit which scrambles the nerves signals when no pain meds can help.

    Typically expect increased pain 24 - 48 hours after an injection unless you really can ice, ice ice and rest right afterwards. I get months relief for my arm from a shot but only about a month on my back making them hardly worth it. Radio frequency zapping is the way to go for long term relief but make sure you have somebody who does it all the time.

    I've done the full gammot of services. The radio frequency nerve lesion lasted 6 months the first time they killed it and until I could hardly walk the second time. I've done them at L5-S1, C and C I have problems at both ends and have had a fusion at C45 and C56 and cervical disc replacement at C34 and C I still have torn discs around that, which I had prior to the surgeries. Now I'm having horrible headaches and arm and hand pain from the other levels.

    The facet lesions have helped that. I just need to get in and do the other levels. To the woman who posted last -Did they have you sign a waiver before giving you the shot? They do that because there is a chance that they miss and hit something that makes you worse. I have always had to sign a waiver that I would not hold the doctor responsible should I become paralyzed if things go wrong --I could also get hit by a bus going home so I sign.

    My local doc clearly said "damn, I missed OK I got it this time!! I was black and blue all over one side from all his tries. He is mad that I have gone up to a Sports clinic at a hospital that specializes in these procedures and does them ALL the time and I knew immediately were MUCH more professional but I'm not taking any more chances.

    As it was I had terrible headaches after that incident. Things can and do go wrong. You should get checked out by another doctor. I almost had back surgery until I saw another surgeon who said it would NOT fix what was causing the bulk of my pain. The Sports Clinic and the radio frequency nerve "zapping" did without invasive surgery.

    Epidural Steroid Injection Side Effects & Recovery

    pain relief after epidural steroid injection

    15 Frequently Asked Questions About Epidural Steroid Injections - Pain Doctor

    pain relief after epidural steroid injection

    5 Things to Know About Epidural Steroid Injections — Pain News Network

    pain relief after epidural steroid injection