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    Masteron vs Equipoise – Which Is Better to Gain Muscle?

    boldenone or masteron Masteron and Equipoise are two different medicines used to gain boldenone or masteron mass. They are actually anavar oxandrolone transformation of steroids. Steroids are chemical compound that helps our body to keep boldenone or masteron that help in muscle growth process. Masteron is also called drostanolone propionate and it has a form of pills. That means that you take it oral, not intravenously. Masteron, just like any other type maateron steroids, have side effects.

    Boldenone, Masteron, Anavar Cycle |

    boldenone or masteron

    There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Results 1 to 21 of Boldenone, masteron or primobolan? I am planning a blast for the future and tryin to get as much ifo as possible and opinions from members here on some various compounds. The only things I have used is testosterone enanthate and prop, deca, anadrol, and dbol I want to do a cycle with test as a base and then add in another compound that does not have a high armorization rate, does not cause as much water retention.

    Also I want a compound that will help or at least not negativley affects cardio. This is gonna be. Cutting cycle, not an aggressive one. I'm at bf wanna get to 8. I'm sure most of mine is actually water or will be lost now that I have my estrogen in control.

    I had my test way up and not enough adex so I got very bloated. It's under control now and bloat has already improved abs and are visible Now I'm looking at EQ but the negative affects on blood does not appeal to me not does the increased appetite.

    My next choice is masteron however I have been told that it's only beneficial if I are already under 8 percent bf. And the primo from what I'm seeing is mainly just for estrogen control and libido while on certain compounds I'm also looking for.

    Longer ester as I want to do less injections as I'm in a blast and cruise. Also want something with a higher anabolic than androgenic rating as I will be using test as a base. Ps tren is out of the question. As I'm about to move back home when my enlistment ends and don't wanna risk blowing up on my didficult parents. Plus I know It negativley impacts cardio. Also do they make a masteron enanthate?

    Seen some guys say they use it but can't find it only prop ester. What affects would one see with mast at around bf? I'm sure I could just loose some bf them run the mast. How does mast affect cardio if at all? Thanks bud already read that. I just wanna get some imput and expirience from some users. Appreciate the link though. I have done its of research and still in the process. Like to get some info from various sources, medical websites, steroid sites and users.

    Primo is the best of the bunch you listed, but is very expensive and needs to be run at least 18 weeks. I'd recommend mast in your case it works better the lower your bf, but you'll stillsee good results. First of all no steroid by itself is going to shed that much body fat from your body, that is going to need to be done through diet, but you already know that.

    I had a much fuller harder, grainier look. I think Masteron is your best bet as it has many benefits over and above just giving you a hard dry look. Masteron actually binds very strongly to the aromatize enzyme thus causing less conversion to estrogen. It wont take the place of an AI but certainly can lend a hand. It also binds very strongly to your SHBG, stronger actually than testosterone, therefor freeing up testosterone so you end up with more free T. This allows you to better utilize the test that you are injecting.

    If you are looking for less frequent injection you can always go with Masteron Enanthate, you only need two injections per week with this stuff so you get the benefits of a 'cutting' drug with out the need for EOD or ED injection. Bulk Cycle , Kazmir and Fist like this. On ya I know AAS will not burn fat.

    I just want a compound that won't cause bloat, doesn't convert to estrogen as much, and won't increase appetite. Also want something that will allow me to lift hard while on a calories deficit.

    As for the body fat I believe much of ot is water wieght. As in the am and after workouts my abs are visible also more so now that I have increased my airmidex. I guess what I meant by not an aggressive cut is I'm nt gonna do low carb or hours of cardjo. I'm just gonna add cardio post workout and cut down calories and possibly add albuterol.

    What affect will mats have on energy and strength? From what I've read it's purely for asthetics. Or at least the main purpose. To polish off I guess you would say. For pre comp or after a hard cut. I've read that legit primo is hard to find. I would try winstrol but I don't want to have joint pain. Great Big likes this. Originally Posted by louman. What other compounds work well with it. May just stick with test and mast to not over complicate it. Unless u think adding in npp is good?

    I just wish I could find mast enanthate. My source doesn't have it. You should be able to find masteron e. Sometimes I've seen it just called masteron or Typically, the refers to prop and refers to enanthate ester.

    Primo is super expensive for the real deal. Anyone have good results with mast running it at mg ew or does it need to be in the range? For non monsters that is, such as people not running grams upon grams of gear.. Originally Posted by skinnypete. Or is it pointless since nandrolone causes bloat?

    I have 3 vials of test e , 2 vials of masteron prop From my understanding it's not gonna be good to run npp and last together.

    Or should I lower test and bump up mast? Also will be ringing mast for 16 weeks as I have read and concluded that it's best ran at longer cycle. Hey Shredder good info here. What's your thought on mixing Bold. Originally Posted by Schredder. I had pretty good results running per week, but the results from per week were much better, the difference was big between those amounts, for me at least.

    I would honestly recommend running it at least Users Browsing this Thread. Which of the three are better? Var, Masteron or winny? Liquid Masteron or Equipose? Masteron or TrenEnanthate users here? Featuring anabolic steroid information, anabolic steroid drug profiles, anabolic steroid articles, live discussion forums and much more. All times are GMT The time now is Register Help Remember Me? Masteron is a steroid dude, like any other steroid, energy and strength increase with use. Try it and find out what it does for you.

    Best way to find out what a compound does is to use it. If you cant get the Enanthate ester just get prop, this will need to be inj. EOD and to make life simple just inject your test, whatever ester it is EOD as well, if its Enth no big deal just lower the dose so at the end of the week you still hitting the Mgs you are aiming for.

    Originally Posted by Schredder I had pretty good results running per week, but the results from per week were much better, the difference was big between those amounts, for me at least. OP has mast enth..

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    Boldenone, masteron or primobolan?

    boldenone or masteron

    masteron vs equipoise

    boldenone or masteron

    Tren test boldenone and masteron

    boldenone or masteron