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    home depot flooring Facing pressure from consumer groups, Home Depot said it would discontinue use of a potentially harmful chemical in its vinyl flooring by the end of the year. The home depot flooring is asking about a half-dozen suppliers to phase out their use of ortho-phthalates, according to Stephen Home depot flooring, a spokesman. Ortho-phthalates are used as plasticizers, meaning that they can make products more flexible. Consumer safety advocates say there is a growing body of evidence linking some phthalates to reproductive and developmental problems, particularly in male babies. Holmes said in an email. Ortho-phthalates are commonly found in other products and even in food, she said. The company does steroid medication for asthma use home depot flooring same types as Home Depot, said Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman.

    Top Reviews and Complaints about Home Depot Floors

    home depot flooring

    This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands?

    Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. A penny each box 18 boxes plus tax. I paid for the items and was about to load items into my vehicle. Mind you the items have already been purchased. People at the store was looking at us, and thus was very embarrassing! I told them that I purchased my items and had my receipt in my hand. They wanted me to give them my receipt to do a return and I told them no because I wasn't willing to do a return.

    Not my fault they put the wrong price on there. They took my items I called corporate several times only to have them tell me someone will be calling me back.

    After 2 weeks no one called me, so I called again and was told the district manager in at the location I purchased will make a decision. He told me he will not be returning my items and could give me a return. Home Depot contracts JW and both are incompetent.

    They get incompetent workers who can't get it done right. Tiles got scratched and left dirty and grout stuck on. Tiles were installed uneven. HD and JW argued and argued and wasted months to get it fixed. Home Depot took a long time to reorder materials. JW then sent the same guy to fix.

    Join over , subscribers and receive the latest expert advice, consumer news, and recall notices in your inbox. Laminate floor purchase and installation: I asked a lot of questions before making my purchase.

    Nearly all the answers were wrong. I was told it would take 3 weeks to finish and it is 5 weeks and I have no furniture and concrete loose grout floors and installers just left and told me the floor needs grinding and they didn't want to do it. Flooring was a week late, Home Depot didn't deliver but they hired trucking company who damaged my sidewalk, HD told me they would put plastic up to block my open kitchen and they didn't. I have dust in my appliances, loose tile and grout on my floor and no installation date and company coming next week.

    We contracted Home Depot to install laminate flooring in our kitchen and dining room. The contracted company that came out to measure did a good job with the actual room sizes, but they did nothing to determine if the floor was within "specs" for the installers.

    Our home is located on the bay and subsequently on piers as most houses in our area are. So sometimes you will have floors that are not level like a concrete slab. He made no note of that. The product was ordered and the first delivery did not bring out all the materials for the job.

    The second delivery to complete the order was the wrong product. It took 3 deliveries to get everything together that had to be acclimated to our home before it could be installed. The delivery man could not bring the laminate upstairs into the house as they are not allowed. So I had to carry 15 boxes of laminate flooring up 12 feet to our house as my husband has a recent back injury.

    This could have been a question asked at the store at the time of the request for measurement. When the measurement was done and the materials were delivered, a month later, the installers arrived only to announce that my kitchen floor was out of "specs" and they stopped the job and would not install the laminate. This should have been determined at the time of measurement. The metal piece that the installers used to lay on the floor and determine it was out of spec should be carried by the person doing the measuring.

    He could have told us a month ago it was a no go or at least make us aware of the issue. This was a terrible experience all around. I would not use Home Depot's installers in the Baytown, Texas area again. I purchased a hardwood floor from Home Depot in It was Bruce Flooring. I had the same flooring in my kitchen, for over 12 years and it was incredible. Decided to continue with the same floor throughout the house because of my experience with that particular floor in my kitchen.

    The installation was okay but after less than 2 weeks I notice deep scratches in the clear coating that appear to be very soft that I could take my fingernail and scratch it very easily and very deep in the soft clear coating. One Home Depot manager was at my house within that two-week.

    And I filed a complaint. Because of the extreme turnover with employees, it took over a year and a half before they addressed it, they had many samples and either they said they don't have them or Bruce Flooring would not return them.

    They do not stand behind their product. The reason I chose this particular one because I had the same exact flooring and color. The company just kept pushing it aside. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Purchased a laminate floor from Home Depot in Calumet City. Normally I would install myself, did my whole first floor with laminate, but knee problem won't allow it. Simple bedroom no complex cuts involved. Installers came in and told me floor is uneven and is moving by my window, yes moving.

    One installer jumped up and down and said the creaking was because the floor moves. Said they couldn't install floor and left. Home Depot was going to call with a solution, never happened. Returned floor to HD.

    Called a flooring store and he came out and they will be installing my floor Monday. Nothing wrong with my subfloor. Plus I got my money back, all except 40 dollars, that the installers kept because they made a trip to my house. Installation was delayed two weeks from initial install date. Home Depot failed to ship carpet on time so I got bumped. When carpet arrived in Portland I still had to wait one week.

    No priority was given. In fact I was given two stories regarding when the carpet arrived. I would advise against having them do installations. The plan was to have install done in 2 days due to the amount of furniture we had to move and work around.

    Company did not send enough people to finish job within 2 days, did not cut flooring correctly, does not line up with walls, did not install quarter round in half the kitchen, used CHAIR RAIL which was for baby room on floor in kitchen, have been stood up 4 times at this point. I have a kitchen that I want hardwood flooring installed. He eluded to a potential sales pitch call a couple days after the measurement was taken.

    I thought nothing of it. He had me to verify my email address before leaving. He stated the quote should be ready in 48 business hours and then it would be emailed to me. The phone number was my work number which wasn't practical to discuss such an item. I originally provided it online when I setup the in-store appointment to discuss and schedule the measurement. I called the number they provided.

    I spoke to a rather curt and dominating lady that was obviously all too familiar with the game of pressure sales. I told her I provided and verified my email address and would like to have the quote email to me to review. If I had any questions, I would call them -or- take to the store and discuss, as Jeremy kindly offered to do, if it was more convenient for me. The sales person didn't take too kindly to my request and stated they needed to go over the quote on the phone before they would release the quote.

    After a couple minutes of "debate", I stated I would not discuss the quote until I had it in front of me. Else, I would abandon the quote and go elsewhere to have my project completed. I called the Home Depot store, where I originally began.

    Jeremy wasn't available; however, a counterpart associate in flooring advised me, the only way to get the quote is to go through the contractor group and play by their rules - a sales pitch. So, there's where I'm at, almost a month out. Home Depot has greatly disappointed me in this card-trick of a sale. I like businesses that are "upfront" with you and don't play games to win a few extra bucks. That's the quickest way to lose my trust. I just don't understand the mentality of businesses like this.

    I had a quote done to carpet my upstairs at the end of

    Flooring (Home Depot ): The Home Depot: omosironews.info: Books

    home depot flooring

    home depot flooring

    home depot flooring