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  • why am i so tired and sleepy while on?
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    Taking Too Much Equipoise.

    equipoise sleepy Forum Anabolic Forums Anabolic Zone why am i so tired and sleepy equipoise sleepy on? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Are you taking an ai? My first weeks were like equipoise sleepy, it went away equipkise and I'm in week 10 and feel great. Muscles growth when you sleep.

    why am i so tired and sleepy while on?

    equipoise sleepy

    I've created this posting because I've seen several VERY disturbing postings and reviews left by members over the past few weeks regarding different effects they have received while taking Equipoise, Boldenone Undeclynate , and I thought I'd put my 5 cents into the barrel to HELP advice that Equipoise is NOT a juice to be taken likely. For years, I'd take in almost every bulking cycle I did. Its effects on increasing my dietary needs were off the scales and, for me personally, it was also like liquid nectar of the gods being poured into my joints whenever I pinned up with it.

    I would pin up his Equipoise 3 times a week with 1ml each time. Later tests revealed it to actually contain mgs of Equipoise per 1ml dose. How did it nearly cost me my life? Because of taking such a high weekly dosage, I contracted an alveolar hemorrhage in my left lung, caused by the MASSIVE increase in red and white blood cells being created from the polycythemia effect from taking Equipoise.

    Equipoise causes polycythemia in the body. I would later spend a total of 24 days in my local I. U to remedy my condition and to help put me back to reasonably good health again.

    Should I have gone to get help as soon as I started coughing up blood? But with me knowing better than anyone else, I was going to be alright. It's just one of those things". Should I have gone to get advice for the agonizing headaches and high pressures I was feeling? Should I have checked my juice dosages out before I took it? Should I have taken more note of the constant itching, especially when washing or having a shower and got it checked out?

    Should I have taken note of the swelling in my arms and legs and had it checked out? But we all know better, don't we? We'll be just fine if we simply ignore it, won't we? It's just one of those things, isn't it? I meticulously plan each one of my cycles accordingly to the dose represented on each label and I also subtract the ester weight closely and accordingly to get a relative accurate amount of hormone to administer.

    Damn man sorry to hear this! I didnt have the side effects anywhere near yours knock on wood , I did have a few, such as insomnia and it completely killed my libido!!!

    U know bro, as absolutely screwed up as the health care system is in the United States - and it is a colossal mess indeed, it's easy for Americans to get blood work done and cheap. The dose of EQ that almost killed u is indeed high - like the gentleman said below - but, it's not outrageous.

    If u r making the point to get blood work done before symptoms appear, that's what needs to be drilled into everyone's skull.

    The blood test will catch just about anything before it becomes a life-threatening health issue. The polycythemia from EQ is really hard to miss on a blood test.

    It's hard to get guys in their twenties to be as proactive as is really necessary. I certainly hope u made a full recovery since last August. I have a question though. I'm not trying to be rude or insensitive at all but I've been researching this compound for a while now. Many other boards would consider mgs EQ to be on the high end of a moderate dose. I was just wondering if it were possible that you had an underlying condition the cancer which resulted in the bleeding rather than it be solely being the EQ at blame in this case?

    Again, forgive me if this was insensitive or rude with everything going on right now. You'll be in my prayers tonight and I wish you the best of luck and a quick recovery. I understand your thinking, Mate. But no, my carcinoid tumor was in the bronchus, between the upper and middle lobes of my right lung and the entire left lung was hemorrhaging due to the amount of blood entering into it.

    So my condition had nothing to do with cancer. My lung cancer was ONLY discovered when tests were run to discover what was happening and why I was coughing up so much blood.

    It was entirely down to the overdosing of the product by the source's inept manufacturing knowledge and skills. But it was tested at mgs of Equipoise per 1ml dose. As you probably already know, Equipoise causes polycythemia in the body, a condition that increases the red and white blood cells being created by the body.

    I only wish I could find another product that was as good for the aches and pains in joints as EQ to be for me. I also dislike how it's given a noob friendly tag sometimes I think for myself though. Insomnia became much more tolerable slept more also. Not to mention hardly anyone donates blood I already have and will again soon this run.

    I literally could not get tired doing cardio, even being in the sauna wouldn't make me breathe heavily it was pretty wild. God Bless great post I have always been a fan of Moderate dose. Ill be running eq for the first time in a couple of weeks. I appreciate you sharing your experience with us so much that I will make it a point to come back and give you the karma you deserve.

    This is one of the many things that I love about this site. It's not just cycle advice. It's about being healthy. I've heard sources brag that their oils are overdosed. We as a community should demand our sources give us what it says on the bottle. If it says mgs per ml then damnit that's what we should be getting.

    It makes it very hard to control, track,even plan these cycles even dangerous if its different every time. It's going to be different every time as it is. We don't need added troubles with under and overdosed products.

    So thank you for bringing this problem to the forefront. Maybe we as a community will look at this as a real problem because we steer this ship and drive the market. If our sources can't meet our demands then there's someone standing right behind them that will for your business.

    First, I am sorry for what you went through, bro. Hope everything is going ok. And remember to get those blood tests for hemocrit, hemolobin, etc. Don't most steroids cause increase in red blood cells? Is there really any evidence at all that EQ does it more than the others? Everything is back to normal again thanks. As for the evidence, your own research will have shown you exactly what EQ does for the body and what it was invented for too.

    My hemocrit as of a couple weeks ago is How risky are these levels? Should I get a blood draw? But I do know first hand what taking too much of compound can do to one's self, so buying a new bucket to save the carpet IN-CASE the need arrives, I now have several.

    Wow, i just finished something to eat, open this thread up, read it, saw your pics and now i feel sick. Thanks for sharing this though and i hope your making a speedy recovery FR sent i also have a question. Everyday moving forward helps to make this issue a past experience I'd gladly forget about if I could. All I can do is make the best of a bad situation and TRY to help others to learn from my mistake and stubbornness. Rough brother, glad you're ok now. What lab was it that sold this?

    It's alright to say their name especially since they're banned. Did you donate blood at all during your cycle? It's odd that it was that highly over dosed, generally by weight EQ is heavier than average meaning you get less mg per ml.

    Whoever did this was either stupid or wasn't brewing their own gear Jesus Christ man, you should have went in the first time you seen any blood. I would've thought I had consumption or some shit. Wish I had, Mate.

    But when you think you can beat anything and you're just too stubborn for your own good More balls than brains to avoid the ER when that shit was happening no offense bro lol!

    We all do dumb shit though I've had my fair share. FR sent have a question for you if you don't mind, since I'm about to run EQ for the first time. Eq-drop the dose low results are you become a eating machine I find over duration.. Great Share brother stay healthy and lift hard. I have been on mg bold cyp for a couple months now. Should I buy a bucket? Crazy shit man, glad you shared that though cuz im on EQ now for 1st time.

    Steroids Forum: Steroids QA/Anabolic Steroids/Taking Too Much Equipoise.

    equipoise sleepy

    Has Equipoise ever made any of you constantly tired, bogged down, and constantly Yawning?

    equipoise sleepy

    FEELING really lethargic? equipoise? - Professional Muscle

    equipoise sleepy