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    Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. - Steroidology

    dianabol pre employment drug test Index Recent Topics Rules Search. Then i got a job offer - pre medical employment test coming up in Dec. Do south african companies test for roids? Can i stop my cycle anabolic trenavol 4th week - stay on hcg till dec What are the implications?

    Will Steroids Show up on a Drug Test

    dianabol pre employment drug test

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    I knew about a urine test and was prepared. I don't drink and have not had any drugs in my system other than prescribed vyvanse. However they threw the "blood test" at me today. I do not take it until this weekend. I am not concerned that they will be testing for AAS in particular but more so elevated levels or progesterone, estrogen, and test. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I maybe stop test prop and tren injections now and start back up after the weekend to get my levels do dive bomb?

    Thank you guys for any help, this is more a venting thing as well. I am not exactly thrilled with someone having this much information about me. I like to be private about things and it does invade my privacy. As someone who used to work in Pathology and dealt with Forensic Toxicology. I can tell you a few things about drug screens.

    I should add the disclaimer though that I'm in Australia. However a lot of this would be the same in the US. For a drug screen generally they do an immunoassay on urine, as it's cheap, quick and reliable. In this they test for: Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoids, Opiates, Amphetamines, Methadone and Cocaine and your creatinine levels. They don't necessarily test for the drug itself but for metabolites of the drug. When there is any kind of pathology test, they have to look for something specifically.

    There are literally thousands of tests that can be performed so there is no 'everything' test. In the 3 labs I worked in, the tests in a drug screen are processed by the Biochemistry aka Chemical Pathology section of the lab. So the chances of them discovering AAS use by accident is basically non-existent. They would have to request testing for it explicitly at an increased cost. Some workplaces have their own urine analysis machine.

    Or they can do a dipstick test. There are also swab tests. Usually a positive result from these kinds of tests are used only as an indication they should follow up with a proper drug screen. However you did specifically mention "blood test" so I'm curious as to why they're going with blood. Urine is the preferred sample type for drug testing.

    Thank you for the information. I felt that this is what would happen. The blood is most likely for life insurance on their part. It is highly unlikely that they will test for steroids. That's a very specific test that is only done on demand.

    I figured as much. My question was if they came back and saw my test was through the roof. Would they order it then? I am also considered about my Vyvanse, as even though it is prescription, many companies do not take kindly to it. This is really a combination of not having enough activities to exhaust me. I realized this about a year ago. If you stop taking the Vyvanse for a few days it will all wash out of your system.

    The elimination half life is only hours. Same with test prop, your levels will drop dramatically in a week if you stop injecting today. If you don't want them to know you take Vyvanse just stop taking it a few days before your test. The worst that will happen is it comes up dirty and you have to present your prescription. Assuming you're American, if you have a prescription, Vyvanse should not be a problem. Denying you employment based on a condition that does not affect your ability to do the job is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The HR manager sees the complete test results. Is your potential employer one who would have a financial incentive to care if you're on AAS? I have not encountered blood tests for health insurance purposes.

    Especially now with "Obama-care" outlawing exemptions for preexisting conditions. When working for an insurance company they can pretty much do whatever they damn well please.

    They can deny me employment though based on things. My opinion is that it's unlikely. Not improbable or impossible. I appreciate the concern. I will drop the test back to mg EOD. I have not had any sides from the test yet and I wouldn't say it made and Tren side worse. I stay fairly consistent from both substances. Tests for steroids are very expensive. Even the military didn't do them due to cost unless it was suspected.

    I knew that, I have taken plenty for the NCAA back in the day and was aware that is typically a urine test. The blood test threw me for a loop and had me concerned if they saw elevated test levels would they continue to look.

    Insurance companies deal in value based on statistics. Hormones are expensive to test for, and aren't an issue in the vast majority of people, so it isn't worth it.

    I've never seen a company include a hormone panel in a drug screen, and have never even heard of it. For comparison, even in classic emergency situations, like heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, etc, where they run panel after panel after panel, they don't bother to run hormone panels. Even the Vyvanse didnt pop up. However I did not take my dose for the day and took the test at 7pm. Used midstream piss with a lot of water before hand.

    Every time I've had a life insurance runs blood test, they run the normal CMP and CBC that your doctor would run at your annual physical. Cholesterol, liver counts, and blood pressure are the only things that your cycle might affect that they'll be looking at.

    Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned above i was really concerned about a technician going above and beyond. Which sounds stupid on my part, but a legit fear, than a true concern.

    Pre-employment drug test/ Insurance Company : steroids

    dianabol pre employment drug test

    Do steroids show up in a pre-employment urine drug test? | The Iron Den

    dianabol pre employment drug test

    Anabolic Steroids SA: Stopping cycle / pre employment medical check. (1/2)

    dianabol pre employment drug test