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    deca only cruise Last Jump to page: Results 46 to 60 deca only cruise Or lets say you experience deca dick and shit. In my mind it makes sense to just frontload test prop to negate the sides? Originally Posted by keifnnugs.

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    deca only cruise

    There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. So what do you guys think? Results 1 to 19 of Only reply if you have done a deca only cycle please. Only reply if you have done a deca only cycle please Hey guys please don't reply unless you have personally done a deca only cycle Ok- I have heard it both ways- "deca only will not get you shit.

    As a first timer- I have chosen to do deca only for a number of reasons- a low side effects b "good gains"? I am also taking Androstat poppers which is a OTC testosterone booster Join Date Jul Posts 5, Deca alone can give you good gains.

    It may come with some sides and you would get better growth with some test but many people do successful deca only cycles. Might want to get some proviron with it if you can.

    Make sure you get clomid for post cycle recovery. What if I don't have clomid??? Will I recover naturally? My Deca -only cycle I gained about 15 pounds of mainly lean muscle. I also had Clomid therapy at the end of the cycle, but still ended up losing alot of the gains.

    The deca definitely shut me down, though. Went for about a month where I could not bust a nut. Still got it up, but couldn't finish.

    Kinda weird, but it's from the shut-down effect of the Deca. I have decided I wouldn't do a Deca-only cycle again due to the shut-down and the loss of the gains. Something for you to think about My first cycle ever was deca only, and I thought it was great. After an eight-week cycle I gained just over 20 pounds and kept it all.

    My dumb ass didn't even take clomid afterwards, but I was fine I'm not suggesting this. However, I think I may have had a very slight case of deca-dick, which is something you definately want to avoid.

    In my opinion, I think it is pretty damn good, but I know there are quite a few people who would not agree with me. Join Date Dec Posts Guess I was a lucky one, never crashed or got decca dick. Damn you all are lucky.

    I did a deca only cycle, gained about 5 pounds. I think with deca only, you have to eat about 8 meals a day for it to be a success, but that's just my opinion. Slight deca dick, but nothing major, I was still able to get it up, but the girlfriend thought it was her.

    Join Date Apr Posts Deca Only Cycle I have also done this before ran mgs for 5 weeks. Then I just stopped. Not the brightest thing to do. Slight deca dick, itchy nipples and the gains weren't that signifigant. If you don't have a lot of extra money then think about this: Cycle the Deca with !

    P winnies and then use clomid. Join Date Oct Posts Join Date Oct Location juicehead land Posts Why dont you do a Test only cycle instead. Its cheaper and the gains are great.

    BUt I didn't listen and you can't teeach some one expirence. I realized I would never achieve the body I wanted with just Deca. You need clomid with out a doubt. Deca will work better the more you eat and the better you eat.

    Alot of deca is actualy composed of Nandrolone and is legal, it is basicaly the 4th and final step to your body producing test. BY eating right and enough you need to cause a positive nitrogen balance to promote muscle growth.

    I gained 20 lbs over 10 wks and kept 15lb of it in the long run. Didn't have any problems with ddick, or itchy nipples or anything. One thing to consider is Deca can be detected in your system for around 1. I don't know if this matters to you but good to know. Anyway, i prefer EQ to deca or even winny. I always stacked them with test cyp. Oh yeah, always use clomid for post cycle therapy.

    Well I am on week 5 and I am thrilled with my results. I look bigger- I am stronger- and I have put on 10 pounds. I am bumping up to today so I'll let ya'll know how it all ends up. I'll get a pic and let you see for yourself. Don't get me wrong- I am not huge by any means- but I am a good bit bigger. Join Date May Posts 2. Originally Posted by lilbigman.

    Originally Posted by jonathanc Posted By TexasGiant 1 replies Today, First cycle Test Prop and Posted By Maniac17 1 replies Today, Hello 27guage, where have you been Posted By DarthFlex 1 replies Today, Cruise for a certain time due to Posted By Coco 2 replies Yesterday, Post a pic please.

    Lets see what you're working with. All times are GMT The time now is Copyright - Steroid.

    Deca only for cruising? - Professional Muscle

    deca only cruise

    deca only cruise - Steroid and Testosterone information - UK Muscle Bodybuilding Forum

    deca only cruise

    Deca/Mast only, no test

    deca only cruise