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  • Need help with Cypionate, Masteron and Trenbolone cycle
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  • Anyoen try a test cyp. and masteron cycle? - Professional Muscle
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    Need help with Cypionate, Masteron and Trenbolone cycle

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    Test cypionate and Masteron questions - omosironews.info

    test cypionate and masteron

    Choose your platform below: Test cypionate and Masteron questions. Test cypionate and Masteron questions First off: Have run numerous solo and stacked cycles of oral ph's.

    Going to run my first injectable cycle with test cypionate and a form of masteron waiting to find out whether it is a propionate or enanthate form. I plan on running a 12 week cycle of Test mgs and depending on the form of the masteron either mgs for the enanthate or mgs for the propionate. As I am new to injectables, I have done a decent amount of research and spoke to others but I have been getting mixed opinions. With the longer ester compounds would one want to split a mgs injection into mgs every 3 to 4 days or simply go mgs once a week.

    Also, I plan on going to the shoulders for my injections becuase that is where I would like to grow most. Others have said they have split their doses between both shoulders. I would assume that this wouldn't negatively impact uptakebut can it. I really do appreciate any help with these questions. Personally I don't like pinning more than 2ml of anything per day.

    I would run it as nos suggested but split the doses up so you pin twice a week. For me, more sites and less volume means less post injection pain. Thanks, nos and icon. So is that one half dose for either side of site? Or is it the entire dose in one shot and one site. I haven't been able to find specific information for the answers to my questions, so I appreciate your input. Originally Posted by ollie Originally Posted by nosnmiveins.

    I am injecting every day currently on EQ and Test Cyp stack. I rotate the cyp and eq ie. I feel more stable instead of way up and down on the test which caused extreme mood swings now the steady level is more manageable instead of pissdoff one minute and cool the next Masteron hurt like all sh!

    I was limping around, i stacked test prop with it so I have to stick myself twice a wk. I had pain from the pin but it would go away slowly, totallly gone after 3 days. I guess the slower componds are much different. So if you can take it i would assume the gains to be great. PS, funny thing, after i couldnt use the rest of the masteron i said i would give it to a buddy. He was happuy until he used it, he had the same limp i did. Either it is tough sh! Hey just posting to everyone here who this would be helpful to.

    First off iam 21 years old weight is currently. Originally Posted by gymrat Depends on if it's Masteron Propianate or enanthate. Hijacked log, so Hijacksubbed. Originally Posted by Skoalman My question here is how long till I actually see any gains from the test cyp?

    I've read up on it and learned it's usually 3 to 4 weeks, so hopefully this works out. It is not the actual steroid you are using that causes the certain pain, it is the ester, or lack there of. As a general rule, although their are exceptions for some, the longer ester compounds have less pain after injecting than the short esters.

    To the OP, I personally would run it like this: I would split this up into 2 barrels and inject say 1. That is just how I would run it. Mast prop is excellent especially when you have low body fat. I get really tight and veiny. Libido and strength are increased but I also get very aggressive on this compound which is helpful in the gym. A lot of people feel it's a waste unless prepping for comp but the overall look and feeling I get makes it worthy in my book.

    I only run this once a year but love it everytime I do. I've never tried mast enanthate but I would go with mg. Originally Posted by timmmah. Last edited by Skoalman; at Masteron without test questions!!! By timmyy in forum Anabolics. By gorilla in forum Anabolics. Log in Forgotten Your Password? Don't have an account yet?

    Anyoen try a test cyp. and masteron cycle? - Professional Muscle

    test cypionate and masteron

    Test cyp +masteron - Steroid and Testosterone information - UK Muscle Bodybuilding Forum

    test cypionate and masteron

    The ULTIMATE Masteron Test Cycles For Beginners & Experts - Steroidly

    test cypionate and masteron