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    former east german football clubs The former east german football clubs this particular campaign is of more interest than usual to anyone former east german football clubs towns like Braunschweig, Bochum or Dusseldorf, is the presence of 5 clubs from the former German Democratic Republic East Germany in the second steroids essay introduction. For the first time since the two countries were re-united and clubs from the East German Oberliga were incorporated into the new national league structure 20 years ago, they are climbing up the leagues rather than freefalling down them. The question now is whether or not any team from the Trenbolone acetate ?? can take the final step, and establish themselves as a force in the Bundesliga 1. For past two decades, football fans from the Eastern part of the newly-united Germany have been largely excluded from the almost continuous success story of the Bundesliga. Last season the German top flight boasted the highest average attendance of any league in Europe and the highest goals-per-game ratio of any of the major leagues. But it former east german football clubs not include a single team from the regions that once comprised the GDR.

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    former east german football clubs

    The football league system of the German Democratic Republic shortened: From until East Germany had its own football league system. It had its own nationwide league called Oberliga which existed throughout the whole GDR history. Since the DDR-Oberliga consisted of 14 teams; the two worst-placed teams were relegated to the Liga , which was introduced in Following the dissolution of the five federal states the five old Landesliga divisions were replaced by 15 new Bezirksliga divisions as the third level of the league system.

    In the DDR-Liga was divided into five Divisions, and for that reason was now similar to the Landesliga of the s. The five division champions played a qualification round to determine which clubs would promote to the Oberliga. From to , the Liga consisted of two divisions again, whose champions were directly promoted to the Oberliga.

    Below the two DDR-Liga divisions were the fifteen Bezirksligen whose champions had to play a promotional round to determine the six clubs that would move up to the 2nd Division. Below the Bezirksliga there were descending Bezirksklasse , Kreisliga and, at the lowest level, several Kreisklasse divisions, as they actually are today.

    The season was the last "true" season of DDR football. The league system presented here had been in use since , when the DDR-Liga was reduced from five to two divisions. Das deutsche Fussball Archiv. The league system as such existed for this one season only, it was the transition stage between the East German and the West German football league system to form the united German football league system.

    No league at this level. Verbandsliga Brandenburg 13 clubs. Verbandsliga Sachsen-Anhalt 14 clubs. Landesliga Sachsen 12 clubs. Bezirksliga Schwerin 14 clubs. Bezirksliga Rostock 14 clubs. Bezirksliga Neubrandenburg 15 clubs. Bezirksliga Potsdam 14 clubs. Bezirksliga Cottbus 14 clubs. Bezirksliga Berlin 17 clubs. Bezirksliga Magdeburg 13 clubs. Bezirksliga Halle 14 clubs.

    Bezirksliga Erfurt 14 clubs. Bezirksliga Suhl 12 clubs. Bezirksliga Gera 16 clubs. Bezirksliga Leipzig 15 clubs. Bezirksliga Chemnitz 13 clubs. Bezirksliga Dresden 16 clubs. The clubs in the East German league system were very similar to clubs in other eastern European communist countries and therefore very different from the rest of Europe.

    Players on elite level did not necessarily have a free choice of club either and if they wanted to play in the national team they usually had to join one of the big clubs, a fact after all quite similar to the West. Football clubs in the former GDR could be classified in four simple categories, identifiable by their names, these being:.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the current league system of Germany, see German football league system. Football in East Germany. National team Olympic U U U Footballer of the Year Topscorers. All-time table Champions Clubs International footballers Venues.

    Retrieved from " https: Football league systems in Germany Association football leagues in East Germany. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 14 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Liga Staffel A 18 clubs. Liga Staffel B 18 clubs. Bezirksliga Magdeburg 13 clubs Bezirksliga Halle 14 clubs.

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    former east german football clubs

    Why arent there any clubs from the Former GDR in the Bundesliga : soccer

    former east german football clubs

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    former east german football clubs