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  • Anabolic muscle builder protein

    tt30 anabolic serum There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. For a lb male, he is cutting about calories xerum day I estimate high dose boldenone cycle on gym days, minus the cal tt30 anabolic serum you mention above. Is that even healthy? By "a client" I assume you are a I started losing my hair at 17, However it has been a very very slow process. Tt30 anabolic serum still have a head of thick hair it has just started receding in aabolic but when I do my hair you can barely tell

    Anabolic muscle builder protein - SSN, anabolic Muscle Builder, supplement, world

    tt30 anabolic serum

    There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. For a lb male, he is cutting about calories a day I estimate cals on gym days, minus the cal intake you mention above.

    Is that even healthy? By "a client" I assume you are a I started losing my hair at 17, However it has been a very very slow process. I still have a head of thick hair it has just started receding in places but when I do my hair you can barely tell I am 9 days out from a show, using prop eod 80mg and tbol 40mg ed. I got puffy in cheeks, is that a common test side effect or? Cause 9 days out my face should look like a skeletons face. Results to of Dr - "So your results, I noticed that the LH was low.

    This could be the cause of your low testosterone , so I think we maybe stop the Nebido and investigate this further. My Test levels are low because you didnt give me the booster shot at 6 weeks" Dr - "Oh right, is that so? Well we only give the booster shot if levels are low I think I'll refer you to the Endo" Im getting referred back, and hes given me script to give myself a shot.

    I like the guy, but he clearly has never been taught a bloody thing about HRT. Just picked up my injection. Going to inject it tomorrow morning, I've a blood test on Monday morning. That'll be 4 days after injection, so let's see what blood levels are saying then. Sent from my iPhone using App. Join Date Jun Posts Well your starting at so they should be roughly what BB's table show. About If your trough was at say you would be starting at 4x the blood concentration.

    Originally Posted by IncreaseMyT. Well I can tell me levels are unstable. Moody as fuck today. Found myself slamming the phone down and swearing excessively in the office for no good reason. I have been running TRT without AI lately, was experiencing some joint pain, the problem was the UGL test being bunk, or just underdosed swapped the vial now. The issue now is though joint pain is going away I'm experiencing the worst brain fog ever, along with nervousness. Originally Posted by bizzarro.

    Both high and low E2 can trigger brain fog, but personally I found the former to be intolerable. I'm also having low grade fever, I feel like I'm going berserk mode at any time. Following intramuscular injection of testosterone undecanoate as an oily solution, the compound is gradually released from the depot and is almost completely cleaved by serum esterases into testosterone and undecanoic acid. An increase of serum levels of testosterone above basal values can already be measured one day after administration.

    Post-maximum testosterone levels declined with an estimated half-life of about 53 days. Only the free fraction of testosterone is considered as biologically active. Following intravenous infusion of testosterone to elderly men, an apparent volume of distribution of about 1.

    Metabolism Testosterone which is generated by ester cleavage from testosterone undecanoate is metabolised and excreted the same way as endogenous testosterone. Elimination Testosterone undergoes extensive hepatic and extrahepatic metabolism. Urinary products include androsterone and etiocholanolone. Steady State Conditions Following repeated i.

    Post-maximum testosterone levels in the serum decreased with a half-life of about 90 days, which corresponds to the release rate from the depot.

    The main pharmacokinetic and efficacy parameter was serum testosterone within the eugonadal range. The clinical studies included 72 men treated with Reandron up to a maximum 36 weeks while 60 men continued treatment longer term range 18 — 33 months. Initially, the dosage regimen investigated was 6 weeks between injections injected into the gluteal muscle however this time interval between injections was found to be too frequent and resulted in accumulation. An optimal injection interval has not been defined and injections were administered in the extension phase of the clinical trials at intervals between 10 — 12 weeks.

    The possibility exists that supraphysiological serum testosterone levels may be attained even at the prescribed dosage regimen and the dosing interval may need to be titrated accordingly.

    Results from the relevant clinical studies are summarised below. A This was a pharmacokinetic study conducted with Reandron in 14 hypogonadal men. The dosage interval between injections was 6 weeks and 4 intramuscular injections were administered. The primary efficacy parameter was the maintenance of testosterone levels within the eugonadal range after the 4th injection.

    Other secondary parameters investigated were adverse events, local intramuscular tolerability, status of the prostate and urine flow and standard clinical chemistry parameters including serum lipids and prostate specific antigen PSA. The pharmacokinetic outcomes are presented below as Figure 1.

    Time course of mean serum testosterone concentration measured and net values with SD during treatment of 14 hypogonadal patients with 4 x mg Reandron i. It was found that at the end of the treatment period, all men had serum testosterone levels above the lower limit of the eugonadal range. The 6 week time interval between injections resulted in accumulation of testosterone suggesting that a longer time interval between injections was required.

    The implication is that serum testosterone levels should be monitored to determine the optimum interval between injections. Local tolerability at the injection site gluteus medius muscle was investigated with injection site pain reported 3 times at the time of injection and 3 times between injection intervals.

    Apart from injection site pain and leg pain associated with the injection, redness and tenderness at the injections site were also reported. Reandron was administered intramuscularly at 6 week intervals for the first 3 injections and then at a 9 week interval while testosterone enanthate was administered intramuscularly at 3 week intervals over the 30 week study duration. The primary efficacy variables investigated were erythropoiesis haemoglobin, haematocrit and grip strength, which were similar between the groups.

    Multiple secondary and safety parameters were investigated including serum testosterone levels and intramuscular tolerability see Adverse Effects. The pharmacokinetic results for both treatment groups are presented below in Figure 2.

    The greater fluctuation in serum testosterone for the group treated with testosterone enanthate could be due to the longer dosing interval 3 weeks between injections. An extension of this clinical study Research Report No. The pharmacokinetic results for serum testosterone in the extension phase are presented in Figure 3. Really dont know what you expect from this, claiming ALL the studies Kruger and I already presented are wrong, Nebido has been studied throughly, and it is in application for years.

    So whatever is your reason to be against it, it is just dumb. Originally Posted by Mr. And the hits just keep on coming.

    Add two more half life "estimations" to the list hahahah. Guys, regardless of who anyone feels is "winning" this debate the information being put forth is extremely interesting and helpful to all who care to read it. Minus some of the personal diatribes I think it's been great reading and interesting interaction between two very intelligent members. Originally Posted by kelkel. Mr BB I am not sure what you mean, I was not the one who started with the name calling.

    I am not sure if your aware but being a sponsor here isn't cheap. Having a Vet member say we are incompetent on the open board without a solid reason is unacceptable. Especially when that Vet member is dead wrong. BUT I didn't say anything, I figured if I showed you the truth that you would realize why I say the things I have said, and maybe even appreciate it.

    Not only have you insulted us multiple times, you have even made mention MANY times that we are somehow against your injection protocol for "financial" reasons. Saying that we are going to lose business over it. This couldn't be further from the truth. I guess I made the mistake of caring about your TRT protocol.

    Now that I have posted ample evidence of why I said what I said, and have proven multiple times, you still just wipe away the facts and pretend they are not there. So I am wondering if your the one with a financial motivation. Not to mention I have more experience than anyone on this board because of the luxury I have of seeing others labs and protocols first hand on their physician monitored TRT.

    Unless there is someone else here that does this every single day? So I NEVER post anything without having good reason to do so, not just on some silly article I read either, actual experience and not just with myself with about 2, other people as well. So please do not play the victim card. You call this a intelligent conversation?!?!?!

    Funny that only now you talk about the personnal name calling and harassment, or "personal diatribes" as you call it. This has been going on for weeks. Kinda tired of the whole thing. Yes, I do call it an intelligent conversation between two members, barring the name calling as i pointed out. You may not respect each others opinion but none the less you both have expressed some viable points that I at least respect.

    I'm sure others do as well. I saw no need to speak about the name calling as you are both adults and can choose whether to participate in a thread or to leave it alone. So yes, I respect both points of view put forth. Latest results are coming in today.

    Krugerrs TRT Journey - Page 4

    tt30 anabolic serum

    Tt30 anabolic serum -

    tt30 anabolic serum

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    tt30 anabolic serum