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    Optimum Anabolics Review Week 1

    optimum anabolics bonus 1 Okay week one is done. You can read my workout log below. If you have and questions feel free to contact me. The results so far have been amazing! If you optimum anabolics bonus 1 to put on muscle mass fast — then you need to anbolics working with Optimum Anabolics! Click here to read more. Post Workout Meal —

    Optimum Anabolics Review

    optimum anabolics bonus 1

    Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " jeff-andersonoptimum-anabolics. This publication is presented for information purposes only. The Information contained herein reflects only the opinion of the author and is in no way to be considered required practice.

    Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed legal health practitioner. Consult your physician before you begin any diet, exercise, or training program. The contents of this publication are fully protected by copyright law. Any other posting or distribution without written consent from the author will be a violation of copyright law and violators will be prosecuted.

    That's because most "muscleheads" see bodybuilding as merely hoisting weights up and down, over and over, slowly increasing the weight, under some misguided concept that THIS is what builds muscle. These are the guys who are always on the lookout for that "magic routine" that has eluded them for so long. Skip any ONE of these elements and you'll find yourself on the fast track to frustration. Now I know you're not going to like hearing this, but I've written this manual in a very "no nonsense" approach in order to avoid wasting any of your time with a bunch of fancy scientific words.

    I have no need to feed my ego by giving you the impression I'm some laboratory geek in a white lab coat testing mutant Bulgarian bodybuilders all day long. If you skip a chapter, thinking you "already know" everything you need to know about that training factor, you could be setting yourself up for a BIG disappointment. But don't worry, I'll be there every step of the way This is my happy little face! After completing this book, I read it back through from the beginning and found several points that I felt needed So from time to time throughout this book, I'll jump in just to add my 'two cents'.

    We'll be covering a LOT of information in this book Optimum Anabolic Principle 0: Look in these blue boxes for a summary of the most important details from the information being covered. DON'T try and take a shortcut by jumping from principle to principle. Well, there you have it! I've sufficiently warned you of the dangers of skipping ahead in this book, AND I've given you a couple of "extra emphasis" tools to make sure you get the most important details from all of the information I've JAMMED into these pages.

    The ball's in YOUR court! So here's what I want you to do NOW You'll understand why later, but for now just plan on using that week to review this manual and fully prepare for your fiery return! If you're relatively NEW to bodybuilding, or it's been a WHILE since you've been in the gym, take the next week to introduce your body to what it's about to experience.

    In order to avoid overloading your body to the point of "shutdown" it's wise to begin a light exercise routine to prepare your muscles, joints, and ligaments for the upcoming barrage. It's worked well for my clients who are just starting out or getting back into the gym. You see, Joe is very typical of the bodybuilders trying to pack on muscle in today's gyms. Determined to look like "those guys" in the magazines, he signs up for his membership at the local gym, buys his weight lifting gloves and belt, and all the other "essential" tools for packing on the pounds, and begins his quest.

    At the gym, he follows the lead of all the other "muscle heads" and begins bench pressing, curling, and squatting the most weight he can. He makes some gains He looks around the gym for the biggest iron-pumping "consultant" he can find that also looks friendly enough to talk to.

    He'll be the one trying to catch everyone's attention by screaming like a gorilla as he sends the weights crashing to the floor on his last repetition. Joe approaches Big Jake to inquire about the secret to his bulging biceps.

    Joe sets out once again, following everything Big Jake tells him, positive he now has the missing links to maximum growth. Within three weeks, he finds his strength and size stalemated again. Why, just LOOK at the size of my arms!

    Oh, and then there are all of the ads for the top secret supplement discoveries promising you god-like powers from the "latest" in scientific research Kind of like when you found out that wrestling was fake and there was no Easter Bunny! Supplement manufacturers and gyms all follow the "6-Month rule" of marketing. Those same bodybuilding magazines that project an air of "objectivity" actually OWN many of the supplements they're advertising and are recommending in their magazines.

    They realized early on that they could sell you a magazine full of great looking, perfectly sculpted mountains of muscle to make you feel puny, and THEN offer you ad after ad of expensive supplements with pumped up scientific claims to milk you for even MORE of your dough! You're about to learn the amazing secret of In fact, in the pages that follow, I'll also provide you with the most comprehensive information EVER available on how to surpass your genetic limits for muscle growth!

    Together we'll break through all the myths and obstacles that have kept you from reaching your full potential of growth. That's why you forked over the money to check out this "muscle manual" in the first place, isn't it?!

    They get bigger when your body is at REST and your muscle cells have time to repair themselves, bulking up for the next attack. But I'm not simply talking about the amount of sleep you get each night. I've always been disappointed at the lack of detailed information on how to construct the BEST diet to pack on the pounds. That's why those "magic" killer routines you read about in the muscle mags don't even come CLOSE to creating the results they promise Remember that social life you used to have?

    Every single action that takes place is meant to keep you alive. Whenever you lift an object heavier than you're accustomed to during your "regular" activities, you cause STRESS to the muscle tissue resulting in microscopic tears in the muscle cells. But things aren't so rosy on the other end of the spectrum either!

    If we could look at a chart illustrating these processes it would look like this Acute Overtraining Catabolic Response Recovery efforts are over-taxed; fatigue sets in and muscle growth slows down or stops altogether. The most readily available fuel source, and the easiest to store, is FAT!

    Here's how it works But for right now, I have a little surprise for you Getting a little impatient, are we? Ok, I guess it's time to pull all of this together now But think about this. And you know what happens next, right? Yup, you guessed it! Optimum Anabolic Principle 1: But hitting the bench press times a week will NOT get you there!

    In general, it goes something like this Can you imagine what the graph above would look like if, on Day 4 or 5, you hit that body part AGAIN with a focused workout? You would be hard-pressed to make it into that all-important When you get a tiny scratch on your hand, it takes about days or so, with the right care, to fully heal. If you keep 'damaging' the muscle cells, they won't be able to repair themselves fast enough to be ready for your next workout. Of course, this timeline can vary upon different factors.

    The one I've shown above works great of you're a Monday through Friday kind of a guy and want the weekends off. Also, if you happen to miss a workout along the way, you have the ability to make it up on Day 6 or 7. In any case, adjust the days you workout any way you see fit Universe title 12 years running?

    You know the one I'm sure it seems MUCH more practical for professionals paid large sponsorship fees from gyms and supplement companies to lure every young, red-blooded male into the gym with the idiotic notion that the LONGER the workout, the MORE muscle you'll build. Unless you plan to ignore the risks of adding harmful chemicals to your current workout routine, let me set you straight on how much of your precious time should be spent grunting out reps in your local sweat-box When it comes to planning how long you should devote to each training session, remember this important rule.

    You want to avoid ANY decrease in T' levels When you're at the gym, keep a close eye on your watch. As soon as you've reached 60 minutes of exercise in your workout I don't care if you only have 1 or 2 sets left to complete your workout.

    Your triceps aren't being taxed in the curls and your bi's aren't taxed in the kickbacks. Optimum Anabolic Principle 4: Let's stick with your chest workout! Optimum Anabolic Principle 5: Things get even MORE complicated once you take your first look around the weightlifting area of the gym.

    These training "aids" were created to make it "easier" for the average person to target specific body parts safely. So the marketing experts for these companies had to come up with another angle. The more you isolate a specific muscle group without incorporating all of the other support systems, the LESS efficient your workout will be. Think of it this way This would be considered a TIER 7 exercise.

    Put one hand on your bicep.

    Jeff Anderson-Optimum Anabolics

    optimum anabolics bonus 1

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    optimum anabolics bonus 1

    Optimum Anabolics Review: The Honest Optimum Anabolics Review

    optimum anabolics bonus 1