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    anabolic steroids made in pakistan Iam planning on visiting pakistan for a week or 2. Where can i get some hands on aas in lahore or karachi anyone? I know about that brother. The thing Is I need it for medical reasons. My natural production is below normal and i am only

    Anabolic Steroids For Sale Online - Bulking Space

    anabolic steroids made in pakistan

    In the past month, due to excessive use of steroids, four body-builders passed away. Matloob Haider, a resident of Gujranwala, and Rizwan, who was a painter by profession, met the same fate in my city Gujranwala last week. Another prominent bodybuilder Hamid Ali, who was also known as Gujju, after featuring in south Asia contest and winning a Bronze medal, wanted to become Mr.

    Pakistan, but died on 3 rd April. And all of this because of excessive use of steroids. Actually not only these four Pakistanis lost their lives in exchange of using steroids but this activity has destroyed many healthy youngsters.

    The fact is that certain gym instructors are offering steroids to young boys and girls, who are told that their body will change if they use this medicine. Fresh college-going students or those who are free from school, join gym and bodybuilding clubs. Some join gyms in order to build their stamina, while some do so for fitness issues. Others are mostly inspired by the well-toned physique of television models and movie stars.

    The main issue which should be tackled is that most gyms are non -registered, the brutal men who are supposed to be instructors or coaches, are mostly illiterate and have no medical knowledge or how steroids can lead to the death of an individual. How can a person, who has no knowledge about any medical science or a degree in any other field of study, suggest a drug Steroid to another individual?

    These illiterate gym instructors encourage the young members to use steroids to build their body in a short time and this is how their earning cycle operates.

    I have seen such coaches who pocket thousands of rupees from young bodybuilders and give them substandard anabolic steroids or food supplements in return, which cost only a meager hundred rupees or more.

    The major mistake in this process is of the foolish teenagers like me who want to build their bodies, thinking it would be easy. If you want to build your body in just six or eight weeks, what can your coach do? But according to medical research, steroids are leaving many negative effects on teenagers, including less intellectual prowess. I have done extensive research on this topic and met several medical professionals to dig out more side-effects to aware my readers and I can now tell you a long list of drastic outcomes of its side-effects.

    These are as follows:. These effects are very dangerous for their social and personal life. I asked an instructor why he inoculated the steroids injection on the back of his trainee and not on his arm. Why the government does not ban these anabolic steroids and supplements? These poisoned steroids are being sold at Hafeez Center and Pace Lahore, by people having licenses to sell but many shops are opened in bazaars with no license. As government is establishing a cyber crime cell of FIA, it should also establish a department that looks after these bodybuilding and health activities to control this anabolic abuse to mental and physical health of teenagers and young generation.

    The author is a journalist currently working as current affairs program host and special correspondent for an online media group. Look in 1 pound or half kilograms Chicken Breast has So if my body Weight is 91 Kg or Pounds then I must have to eat 1. So one Pound or half kilograms Chicken Breast has The thing is majority of you guys are ignorant in this field. Steroids by itself is not a harmful substance its oil made up of protein that pump more oxygen into your blood. Using the right amount of steroid dose in your cycle i show its works.

    A typical steroid cycle runs for 3 months weather its a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle depends on your goals. After when you finish your cycle alot of people do not know what to do , you have to do your PCT Post cycle therapy to get your natural testosterone back into work with some medication like Aormidex and Clomid. So saying that steroids is harmful for your body i do not agree with you.

    I am a regular user for over 5 years. YOu should know what you are pinning and in how much quantity. By Rukhshan Mir On Apr 25, 9. These are as follows: Prev Post Crowd the playgrounds, stay active!

    Next Post Women in sports. You might also like More from author Dunya. Such contribution at this critical time is very meaningful. Yeah, I heard about that. This is so sad. Feeling sad for Pakistanis.

    brand of oxymetholone made in pakistan???

    anabolic steroids made in pakistan

    Bodybuilding products from pakistan are the BEST - Non Wheels Discussions - PakWheels Forums

    anabolic steroids made in pakistan

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    anabolic steroids made in pakistan