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    anabolic peak bodybuilding Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Inner Armour Anabolic Peak. Inner Armour Anabolic Peak What's up everyone?? This is gonna be my first bldybuilding anabolic peak bodybuilding try to bear with me I'm still pretty new to the site.

    Anabolic peak - Forums

    anabolic peak bodybuilding

    Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Inner Armour Anabolic Peak. Inner Armour Anabolic Peak What's up everyone?? This is gonna be my first log so try to bear with me I'm still pretty new to the site.

    If I make any mistakes or leave anything out just leave some feedback and let me know. So, down to business Ive been looking around for a new mass gainer and just so happened to stumble up Inner Armours Anabolic Peak. I'd actually never seen the name before but after taking a look I didn't really see any products I didn't wanna spend my money on so I went ahead and tried there gainer.

    First of the value is great 20 servings for 50 bucks is amazing compared to other gainers where you might get 10 servings for 60 or 70 bucks. The nutrition in it is great to 50g protein calories and carbs a serving just what a gainer needs IMO. My plan is to take 2 scoops after breakfast and lunch and 2 after each workout.

    I just took my first serving this morning and here's how I rate it. Overall so far so good besides the fact I think I'm gonna need a bigger mixer cup. Ill keep everyone updated with further details as I go on so state tuned that's all I got for now. Hey brother, first off thanks a ton for voluntarily doing this log. Glad you're liking Anabolic Peak so far, if you got any questions feel free to hit me up.

    The water moreso then milk forsure. Assuming you used a blender too right? Originally Posted by bowskie So I woke up kinda pissed, but it was good for the Anabolic peak. I'm the type who liked the feeling of soreness but I woke up today barely feeling any signs of it.

    I can't remember ever recovering as fast as I did using any product. Originally Posted by sweetneybrian. Awe yeah, shorter recovery times already.

    It only gets better from here! Another trip to the gym done, it was a good day plenty of energy and I felt very rested muscles felt good and I felt stronger. Dammit I love this stuff. You got it bud! You make it sound like child's play. Yea trips to the gym are just way easier and the only thing I can blame it on is the Anabolic peak nothing else has changed. Monday when I started I've had tons of energy all day I have a pump like I'm just leaving the gym.

    Not real weight difference yet but my muscles all feel more solid than they have before. I do 2 scoops in the morning one scoop with my lunch and 2 scoops after the gym usually about 9 o'clock at night. Glad you are enjoying the Anabolic Peak! Originally Posted by PaintPir. Well end of the second week and its still nothing but good results from this product.

    Not much weight gain only a pound this week, I blame on myself though. I slacked on my eating a little bit but I'm still making good strength gains, between set recovery is great and my muscular endurance seems to be going up. LOL I'm usually on the go so I just stick with the shaker cup Also gained about two pounds.

    Overall a great first week for me. You still runnin' this thang Brian? Yea im still here had to take a few days off from the gym had some family issues.

    I kept up my diet though eating and I dropped down to two shakes a day. Needless to say the Anabolic Peak still did the job. Usually a few days off from the gym my weight drops quick but I maintained completely and when I finally got back to the gym my strength was still where I left which never happens. Also plan on putting in my second order of Anabolic tomorrow, definitely sticking with this stuff.

    Yea everything is great and now that trainings back on track its going great. Alright guys I've reached the last scoops of my first bag and witu another bag already on the way it should be easy to see I was satisfied. Anabolic Peak has been great since I started. Easily Tue best gainer I've used so far. My results from it ive put on 9 lean solid pounds. May not seem like much to some but for my Wei eating habits about a week of slipping off my lifting schedule and some stress that's amazing, probably the first gainer where I've actually gained.

    Its been the best tasting easiest to digest and the only gainer that's actually done what it says, I'm definitely gonna stick with it and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality gainer.

    Its got great value along with everything you need to Mike great gains at the gym I've gone up in size around my chest arms faster than ever made great strength gains and ever broke some plateaus with this being my only supplement. Inner Armour Anabolic Peak definitely a great way to go. Glad you loved the Anabolic Peak bro, looks like it's helped you make some awesome gains.

    Keep up the hard work in the gym, and in the kitchen! Originally Posted by gallagnm. Unfortunately this log has come to an end.

    Hopefully we'll here more from Brian soon. So how have you been Brian, still making them gains? Originally Posted by Ady Yeah I was hoping to hear more from him but not sure that we will.

    I just got my first 15lb. About to get my leg workout in and take my first shake afterwards! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

    Bryan's Review of Inner Armour Anabolic Peak -

    anabolic peak bodybuilding

    Inner Armour Anabolic Peak - Forums

    anabolic peak bodybuilding

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    anabolic peak bodybuilding